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Sky Box, offices near Otopeni airport

Two of the top real estate professionals in Romania – Johan Rogiers and Horia Chioseaua – and Christian Dumolin, founder of Koramic Real Estate Belgium, reunite under a new name: Millstone Developments. They create a distinct real estate company, whose ambition is to become a leader in environment-friendly real estate projects combining style, comfort and quality.
The company starts with plans for two projects to be developed starting 2017: a residential compound on the Grivița Lake and a boutique office building near the Otopeni Airport. “Romania is an ever growing market when it comes to real estate and although we see new developments every year, it lacks a sustainable model. We created Millstone Developments because we know we have so much to offer after many years working in the industry and we want to set an example, developing niche, but highly sustainable premises and delivering high quality, BREEM certified projects.”, says Johan Rogiers, Founding Partner of Millstone Developments.
At the moment the company operates in Bucharest and will start working on its first 2 projects at the beginning of 2017, with an aggregate market value of approximately 34 mil. Euro.
‘Flanders Fields Residences’ on Grivița Lake, offers a first phase of 44 units divided in 3 low rise buildings, with a total built area of approx. 4.400 sq m. The plot to be further developed has around 26.000 sq m, while the section used for the phase 1 is around 5.300 sq m. The project is meant to offer clean, green and quiet environment, lower maintenance costs and an essential community lifestyle. Over 60 parking spaces are allotted to the buildings and a potential 300 sqm of retail space are included in the first phase of the project, offering easy access to services and convenience shopping. The apartments have built areas in range of 62 sq m up to 140 sq m, with spacious terraces and, for the ground floor, private gardens.
The office project on Otopeni International Airport, ‘Sky Box‘, will be a great opportunity for businesses were the proximity to the airport is a real added value. The development will focus on efficiency and international accessibility, with creative architectural solutions and design that will make the project stand out in cost proficiency, while all technical specifications are state of the art. The total built area is about 5,000 sq m, layered on 2 upper floors, while the ground level is designed for the 120 parking places.

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