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NRCC Nearshoring Guide to Romania

The Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce (NRCC) has the pleasure to announce the launch of the 5th edition of the NRCC Nearshoring Guide, a practical guide outlining the benefits and challenges of developing such operations in Romania.

Issued once at every 2 years and written by NRCC members, the guide is a must-read for any Dutch company that considers nearshoring or opening a branch in Romania. The guide is distributed to the Dutch Chambers of Commerce in the Netherlands, the Dutch Romanian Network, participants of incoming trade missions and the Embassy of Romania in the Netherlands.

In the past 20 years, Romania and the Netherlands have engaged in strong economical collaborations, with great benefits for both parties. Dutch companies have invested in many economical sectors of Romania and are very well represented in industries such as transport and logistics, industrial production and engineering, food and beverages, finance and agriculture.

There are still many opportunities for growth, consolidating even more this bilateral exchange and the Nearshoring Guide is an important contribution that NRCC brings for attracting new investors in Romania.

„Since 2006, NRCC plays an active role in facilitating trade between Romania and Netherlands this guide, targeting the Dutch market, being one of the most important tools fostering the win-win relationship between the two countries„ says Maurits Dohmen, NRCC Executive Director.

„The Netherlands is the largest foreign investor in Romania and has been in that position for more than 6 years, so we can say that Dutch investors agree with the NRCC on the economic attractiveness of Romania. Beside the Nearshoring Guide, NRCC is also actively supporting newcomers to the Romanian market through our wide network of members who together carry the knowledge and experience that can help others succeed. We are very positive about the future of Romania as having a great potential of being one of the brightest success stories from an economic point of view within the European Union„ declares Sebastiaan van Hese, NRCC President.
The NRCC Nearshoring Guide is available for free download here: www.nrcc.ro/nrcc-products.


NRCC is one of the most active bilateral chambers in Romania, representing the Netherlands, the biggest source of foreign direct investment in Romania since many years now. Since 2006, by means of dedicated events and industry-focused projects, NRCC supports and promotes the Dutch-Romanian business community. After 10 years of activity, NRCC network now includes 180+ members, representing 20+ industries.
More details are available on  www.nrcc.ro and Social Media: www.facebook.com/NRCC.roLinkedIn, www.twitter.com/NRCC_ro.

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