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Industrial Park Brasov, still expanding

The clients of Industrial Park Brasov are Romanian and foreign companies, which decided to develop their activities in Romania based on a long-term rental scenario. The production halls are built according to the clients’ specific requests, depending on the activity they perform. We offer fully serviced business sites for medium and large sized companies – Calin Costan, General Director, ICCO.

Since we first acknowledged the new situation we are all facing, we, as the team to administrate the Industrial Park Brasov, fulfilled a series of measures to help protect the people and to prevent the spreading of the virus. We organized training sessions to inform and implement the new rules for social distancing, protective and preventive safety measures were applied, protection materials and equipment were acquired, and regular disinfection actions are taking place.

On the other hand, internally each of our clients have implemented their own rules to protect their employees and their families. During this lockdown period, some companies, where possible, arranged working from home for their employees, some companies faced difficulties in supplying the necessary materials from China, other companies active in automotive industry reduced production based on the fact that their clients temporarily closed the activity in western Europe.

Altogether, given the measures that were implemented by each of us, we are glad to be able to say that there were no outbreaks of infection within the Industrial Park Brasov. And as a direct result, the production activity of our clients was affected to a small extent, they all maintained production while implementing the safety and protective measurements imposed by the actual situation.

What is the present situation of your current project(s) and investments planned for 2020-2021?

Following our strategy to continue to develop our project, this year we will finalize the investment in a new 9,600 m2 production hall. Once this hall will be delivered to our client, the total surface of the Industrial Park Brasov will be 140,000 m2. Also this year we will start construction of a 20,000 m2 logistic hall, a kindergarten for the employee’s children and a grocery store, all these to be finalized in 2021.

Which are the advantages of your business and products, going forward?

We know that the Industrial Park Brasov is excellently positioned in Romania. Brasov has excellent development potential, a remarkable industrial tradition, an important technical university and offers a strong local environment to attract foreign investments. Another key advantage for Brasov city is the large number of foreign language speakers, both English and German. We are continuously developing our project for all existing customers and we look forward to partner with new companies which are planning to further develop or relocate their activity in Romania.

What is your message to clients and partners?

First of all, we would like to thank to all our clients for the excellent cooperation through all the 12 years of existence of our project. We would like to thank our partners as well, for an excellent partnership throughout the years, through good times and hrad times, for supplying quality materials, equipment and services just in time, which allowed the proper functioning of the industrial park, at the parameters required by each client. And we would like to welcome our future clients which will choose to be part of the success of the Industrial Park Brasov – the Greenfield build-to-suit solution for development plans in Romania!


  • Our project is operational since 2008 and it is developed on a surface of 58 ha of land, with more expansion possibilities.
  • Build-to-suit production halls totaling 140,000 m2 with 100% occupancy rate.
  • Our clients are industrial producers world leaders in their fields of activity.
  • More than 6,000 employees working on site.
  • All required utilities are available, with no blackouts.
  • All our customers benefit of centralized services.
  • See more on: www.parc-industrial.ro


An article published in the exclusive supplement –  “Market pulse report, Romania – The new normal” | June 2020

A property market tour, including major cities, with projects status and updated opportunities at the end of the lockdown in Romania – June 2020. | Essential news with the current status of further investments, clients and partners relations, new priorities for the post crisis cycle. | B2B communication report – to help you mark your statements during the changes period.

Content partner: Crosspoint
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“Romania’s Real Estate Yearbook 2021” – November 2020

An essential, integrated, printed, safe, market guide, mirroring the pulse of the market, at the official turn of the decade, post crisis, for 2021.

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