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Bucharest- skyline transformation 2025 | RUSTLER: Austria – Romania, 1936 – 2021 – The Journey continues…

“Our perspective about the market’s resilience, is endorsed by leadership principles, ability to manage big volumes, liquidity and optimized crisis response. With all the known facts, we remain focused and patient, adapting to the big trends. I also believe it’s important for us to think and to act decisively”, says Daniel State, Managing Partner of Rustler Romania.

After the constant evolution in the last decade, what business strengths define the market status of Rustler Romania? How important is Romania for Rustler Gruppe?

We anticipated that in order to become a strong market name in services providing for Romanian real-estate market, engineering, specialized technical facility management and property administration services, must all come from the same service provider – and that was and still is our vision and 2025’s company’s goal.

The strengths that define the market status of Rustler Romania are the attention to details, specific expertise & in-house specialized services, dedication and certainly, our internal fast decisional processes. Every market entry takes place in such a way that the company reports positively after a maximum of three years. The Romanian branch development has been very successful – beyond expectations, therefore Rustler Property Services Ro is an important pillar of Rustler Gruppe.

Published in an exclusive, investment destination – oriented, market tour: “Bucharest – the skyline transformation by 2025” – Read: here

What major milestones were achieved and what transformations of the market and clients determined your strategy?

Eight years ago, we undertook our own research to comprehend the particularities of the Romanian real estate market and we recognized that the key elements to create a successful company are leadership and culture. We achieved the first milestone when we managed to transfuse the ‘services provider principles’ our company has developed during nearly one century of existence in the industry (‘we all work together’, ‘transparency’, to act fairly, stand for quality’, specific policies, standards & guidelines), on the Romanian market. That moment gave us the confidence to maintain the focus on our main objectives, even if some were not required at the time. ‘Always be in touch, be reachable and open-minded’, we believe in this.

Another remarkable achieved milestone, materialized when Rustler was able to ensure constantly and continuously the full range of services, on a high quality standard level nationwide. We can openly state, that one of the next milestones for Rustler is playing an important role in setting a standard in Property and Facility management services in Romania.

Which are the most important technical specifications / features, innovations, facilities and technologies that you see introduced for future proofed buildings? How will the real-estate support-industries standards change in the coming years?

We are witnessing an accentuated and forced transformation of economic activity in general – a revolution, caused by the limitations imposed by the current global pandemic circumstances. Nevertheless, commercial civil buildings are entities that require and will require preventive and corrective interventions, to be carried out in good and safe conditions.

The development and evolution of IT&C and AI are considerable and became omnipresent although the applicability is different and industry dependent, still the maintenance activities remain mostly the responsibility of human competence. The ‘human touch’ remains irreplaceable in the processes of preventive or corrective interventions for electrical, sanitary, HVAC, and fire safety installations. The technology creates unique experiences that are adaptable to the needs of each event and IoT implementation in all new buildings, in order to have a complete building management system will help to see the status of systems and equipment, becoming a controlling measure. This measure will decrease the operational costs due to high-energy efficiency, reduction of technical personnel and contouring the most discussed topic in the last years: the predictive maintenance.

As previously mentioned, implementation of such measures “have a price tag attached”. Of course, this provides us the opportunity to improve, to study and learn new processes in order to understand the systems functionality and to operate with the new features. Another aspect, implementation of a user-friendly CAFM system, which could be connected with the buildings BMS. Considering the actual pandemic context, some real estate sectors have suffered and investments of such new technologies are being postponed. Most probably starting with 2025, we will see all the above implemented in most of all new buildings, and part of old ones refurbished in order to increase the efficiency.

Which are the objectives of the management team for 2021-2022, having in mind the current crisis?

Our main objective was and still is to encourage collaborative effort within all team members, promote commitment, respect and alignment with organizational goals. I would add that, given the ambiguous nature of the current situation, discipline and consistency are very important for us, and Rustler has always practiced accordingly, as organizational culture on all management and operational levels. The high level of qualification of our colleagues, and the fact that we are very rigorous in the selection process when increasing Rustler team, in the current context stand out, as swift and efficient measures must have been imposed. We expected the highest quality standards for our services and we are proud of and grateful to our entire team, for the fact that all our partners felt secure. On a personal note, I believe that any crisis favors change and adaptability, being important to remain open to any options. We constantly support and sustain the personal and professional development of our employees, in order to improve our organizational performance.

How do you see the market evolution in your industry and the potential for the real estate market in Romania to generate business relevant in the region? How about the Bucharest skyline and urban structure transformation?


Adapting ‘on the fly’ to the existing situation, for which no one was prepared. The real-estate market evolution shall take its “natural” course based on the most basic principles of all times: supply and demand. Moreover, the success of a project shall be influenced, mainly by its quality, versatility/adaptability and reliability, as there are some paradigm shifts in how commercial civil buildings will exploited in the future. Referring to Rustler’s core business, the activity is dependent on both the necessities of specialized services for commercial buildings and its occupants and owners needs for a reliable partner.

The entire portfolio of our services is highly related to economical dynamics. Still, a balanced ratio between quality and the costs of the services can sustain the business continuity, as the demand will be for higher quality service providers. Bucharest is registering both new constructions and refurbishment of old / existing ones. At the same time urban structure transformation is becoming visible through new energy efficient buildings, underground and multilevel parking lots that come as an answer to a more consistent personal vehicles traffic conditions, modern retail spaces, commercial strip malls – as satellites – around Bucharest city, entertainment and children friendly projects, mostly by green areas outskirts Bucharest.

“We perform in a field in which adaptability, finding solutions for any situation, as well as increased decision-making capacity is in our job description” – says Daniel State, Managing Partner of Rustler Romania

Published in an exclusive, investment destination – oriented, market tour: “Bucharest – the skyline transformation by 2025” – Read: here

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