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Scallier is developing a network of retail parks in Romania


Funshop Park is a new chain of retail parks that are being built in small and medium-sized Romanian cities. By 2022, 6 facilities with a total leasable area of ​​40,000 sqm will be completed. Work is currently underway to prepare further investments. The projects are carried out by Scallier from Poznań, which has been operating on the Polish market for nearly a decade and specializes in investment management in the sector of small and medium-sized commercial facilities.

Funshop Park is a compact facility tailored to the needs of local communities. Hence, a characteristic feature of these projects will be a diversified gastronomical service offer, it’s an expectation of Romanian customers. This, among other things, distinguishes Polish parks from those implemented in Romania – says Wojciech Jurga, Managing Partner at Scallier responsible for the company’s development on the Romanian market.

We decided to implement projects in Romania due to how similar this market is to the Polish market, as well as the special moment in time which this country is currently located within. Romania is in a place where Poland was about 10 years ago. The wealth of residents is growing, and the offer of modern retail space is very limited. In many cities with tens of thousands of people, there are no such spaces at all – emphasizes Wojciech Jurga. The situation related to this pandemic, which changes the market conditions, is also important. E-commerce and complementary projects are dynamically developing, meeting the expectations of consumers and making it possible to shop quickly and conveniently – he adds.

Scallier’s specialists are already in the later stages of negotiations with Polish retail chains regarding the lease of space in the Parks. We also actively encourage all other tenants who want to develop their sales network in Romania. Our ambition is to create an environment that is very well suited to the needs and expectations of the inhabitants of small and medium-sized Romanian cities and the requirements of international retail chains – concludes Wojciech Jurga.

Scallier Ltd. conducts activities in the field of investment management in the commercial real estate sector, as well as manages such assets, focusing on maximizing the value of properties over time. The company was founded in 2011 and specializes in the sector of retail parks, regional galleries, arcades and free-standing commercial facilities. Its offer is dedicated to investors from both the private sector and institutions.

Funshop Park in Rosiorii de Vede: about 70% of space leased

In just about a month after the first of six Funshop Park Romanian retail parks commenced construction, around 70% of its space has already been leased. Among the tenants are such well-known brands as KiK, Jysk, Sinsay, or Flanco – one of the largest Romanian retail chains with electronic devices. Funshop Park now being built in Rosiorii de Vede will provide the market with the total of 6 200 sqm of modern retail space. It is scheduled for commissioning in Q3 2021. The developer, a Polish company Scallier, is planning to complete 6 retail parks in small and medium Romanian towns by the end of 2022. The Romanian market will this way grow in total by 40 000 sqm of GLA. Scallier is also conducting advanced talks concerning more locations.

Funshop Park is a unique project in Romania, as it involves creating a chain of retail parks with modern retail space located in small and medium towns. These locations do not usually have access to modern retail, and the local inhabitants travel to larger cities to shop for the more known brands. We are going to change that. The Romanian map of retail space has a lot of blank spots. We want to fill these gaps, says Wojciech Jurga, Managing Partner at Scallier, who is responsible for the company’s development on the Romanian market.

The new Flanco store in Roșiorii de Vede follows our general strategy to provide a modern shopping environment for clients in all cities around the country, irrespective of size, and reflects the new positioning of the company – You can afford what’s best for you – by providing customers with a fine selected range of quality products, the widest offering of financing options and a variety of logistic services tailored to the current conditions and restriction, stated CEO of Flanco, Dragos Sirbu.

At the same time, our money has always been on quality. All our retail parks are created in the spirit of sustainability, which is evidenced by BREEAM eco certifications. Also in this respect, we are trailblazing in Romania – most of certified projects in this country are office buildings and BREEAM retail outlets are very rare. One of the obligations to be fulfilled by an investor to receive certification at “very good” – and for Funshop Parks this is the level we are aiming for – requires mitigation of a project’s impact on the existing environment. This guarantees that the ecological value of the area before the development will not be deteriorated after the project is complete, and it is even recommended that it is actually increased. All in all, we take care of the environment and deliver added value for local communities by bringing in modern retail and services to their doorstep, sums up Wojciech Jurga.

Michał Zalewski from LPP explains: We are very happy that our Romanian customers embrace our Sinsay brand with enthusiasm. It is an impulse for us to further openings. This time we have chosen Funshop Park and believe that our spacious showroom designed in bright and modern aesthetics as well as a wide range of fashionable clothes and accessories for women, men and children will be found interesting among the visitors of Funshop Park.

Subsequent projects under the Funshop Park label will be completed even in 2021: in the towns of Focsani and Mosnita near Timisoara, where we also have signed leases with well-known brands. It is also worthy of note that we encountered a great demand for a gastronomic offer. That is why in Funshop Park in Rosiori our clients will see a modern restaurant that will operate under the brand City Doner – adds Wojciech Jurga.

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