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Budapest at MIPIM 2017

The Hungarian capital will be among the most expected exhibitors of MIPIM 2017, the European property industry’s main international exhibition and fair. A co-exhibitor of the Hungarian stand, the Liget Budapest project has already earned the international recognition of the global real estate community, since it made it to the ‘MIPIM Awards 2017 Finalists’. The world-class preparation of Liget Budapest is hallmarked by the fact that Japanese star architect Sou Fujimoto will represent the Hungarian development at the event. Alongside the most significant project, over twenty property industry participants will be represented. Among the exhibitors an unusual and truly spectacular party is ‘FINA Budapest 2017’, the organizer of the Water World Championship taking place in the Hungarian capital this August. During MIPIM, the design concept of high-volume sports facilities and other developments related to the World Championship will be presented, together with already completed phases. The Municipality of Budapest, the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA), IFK (the Hungarian Property Developers’ Roundtable Association), and the most significant consultants, analysts and legal representatives of the industry will also participate. During the 4 days of the event (14-17 March), over 100 conference programs and lectures will take place, with the participation of more than 50 cities and more than 2,600 exhibitors.

Europe’s ‘Best Futura Mega Project’: Liget Budapest

The Liget Budapest project is a unique development plan of the nearly 200-year-old Városliget, located in the heart of Budapest. Its objective is for Városliget – the cultural leisure park of Budapest – to become a green, liveable, modern part of the city, and at the same time to be an attractive touristic spot. This exceptional development is now among the finalists of the MIPIM Awards in the ‘Best Futura Mega Project’ category along with Japanese, a Brazilian and a Russian fellow competitor awaiting the jury’s decision in March. The current ‘shortlist’ status is already a remarkable recognition, with the project being the only nominee from the EU recognized among the top four. 214 nominations from 46 different counties were received in various categories for the renowned MIPIM Awards prize that is the industry’s equivalent of the Oscars.

The project, once completed, will be a world-class, complex, family friendly cultural and leisure facility comprised of both restored and new museums, a theatre built for children and youth, an expanded 150-year-old ZOO, and a city park that is greener and more attractive than now, providing numerous new recreational opportunities. The development is realized with the participation of star architect studios such as SANAA and Sou Fujimoto Architects.

„It is a remarkable success that the Liget Budapest project is among the world’s four best projects in its category.” – said László Baán, the Ministerial Commissioner who is officially in charge of the investment. He believes that the development, besides its complexity built on the foundations of the nearly 200-year-old traditions of using the area, grabbed the attention of the international jury with its individuality, the quality of the plans, its sustainable features and the financial return of the investment. This year is a milestone in the history of the project. After six years of preparatory work, the construction works will start this year, as well as the rehabilitation of the green areas. According to plans, in 3 years Budapest residents will have world-class institutions in a greener and more attractive city park that had been renewed in all aspects.

Sou Fujimoto Japanese star architect in Budapest

Sou Fujimoto’s name does not need to be introduced. He is the world-famous Japanese designer that the Wall Street Journal named ‘the world’s most creative architect in 2014’. The highly recognized expert will be at MIPIM with the Liget Budapest Project. He will hold industry presentations and lectures, and participate in panel discussions. In June 2015 the star architect signed an agreement to design the House of Hungarian Music, which is also being realized as part of the project, thus his name became one of the trademarks of the entire development. Sou Fujimoto – who is only in his early forties – has been the winner of several architectural and arts installation competitions from Japan through London and Miami. Among Sou Fujimoto’s most renowned works is the “Eiffel-tower of Asia” in Taiwan. He is famous and recognized for his light, airy, nature-inspired and inspirational buildings worldwide.

Breathtaking sports facilities and event venues of the Water World Championship

Among exhibitors from Budapest, a real curiosity, ‘FINA Budapest 2017’ (the organizer of the Water World Championship taking place this August) will be introduced. During the event, they will give an insight into the concept of the developments to be completed by the World Championship in August, and also introduce plans already implemented. The central venue of the sports competition (Duna Aréna) was already completed in February 2017. It can host 12,000 participants. Besides the central venue, a series of event and competition venues with breathtaking features will be completed within the next few months. An enormous diving tower – facing the Hungarian Parliament building – is being built on a section of the river Danube. The ice rink of Városliget will transform into the competition venue of synchronized swimming for FINA 2017. In addition to new developments, construction works are also carried out to modernize and develop already existing sports facilities, including the complete rehabilitation of Margaret Island (Margitsziget). Besides venues in Budapest, other parts of the country will also host competitions, such as Balatonfüred where the open-water swimming competition will take place. Visitors of MIPIM will get first-hand information about all the above listed developments.

The most important property industry players of Hungary will exhibit together

The Municipality of Budapest will be represented at the stand, as well as the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA). HIPA is a national investment promotion organisation governed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary. The Agency is specialized in investment promotion activities that have a defining role in the program of the Hungarian stand this year. Representing 12 property market participants at the event, HIPA will introduce developments of outstanding quality both from Budapest and the countryside. ”Beyond promoting the Hungarian investment environment, our aim is to call the attention of  the most significant industrial sectors to the dynamically expanding Hungarian property market, as well as to the promising property development investments that have serious realization potential.” – said István Papp, Vice-President for Business Development at HIPA, reflecting on the event. IFK – the Hungarian Property Developers’ Roundtable Association representing 19 leading property development companies – will also co-exhibit at the stand. Atenor, Futureal, Gránit-Pólus, Horizon Development, Immochan, InfoGroup, Inpark – NIPÜF (National Industrial Park Operating and Development ), Hungarian National Trading House, Wing and SymbioLight will showcase their projects at the stand. Further partners and participants of the event are the International Law Firm Bird & Bird, CBRE, as well as Lohn.

Programs at the stand

The Hungarian stand will host roundtable discussions with a governmental and developer focus. Visitors will have the chance to get acquainted with the concept of Liget Budapest, as well as all ongoing and planned projects of participating developers. They will give speeches at professional forums and will await the audience with interesting panel discussions. Hungarian experts are also expected to give their opinion about Hungarian property market trends related to the rising of the SSC sector, current and soon-to-be expected hotel development projects, about innovative industrial- and logistical property projects, infrastructural developments, the realization of the environmentally conscious, sustainable architecture, the future vision for the capital of Hungary, and generally the most current property industry topics and questions. The programs are open to the public and the organizers welcome all distinguished guests visiting the Hungarian stand.

The significance of the expo in Cannes is well represented by the fact that this year it provides an exhibition space of 19,000 m2 to the exhibitors, and it attracts approximately 23,000 professional visitors annually. In 2017 visitors will have the chance to meet 2,600 exhibitors representing 90 different countries. The Hungarian stand, with its size of approximately 120 m2, will be located at the central area of the event.

Due to the increasing international attention towards Hungary, as well as a result of the outstanding outcomes achieved during the event in 2016 (including several successful negotiations realized at the stand), the capital of Hungary decided to continue its presence at the international fair this year.

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