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Real Estate & Management Solutions, the trends for Cluj

Experience and tailored solutions in a leading region are essential. REMS  provides, with passion, knowledge for profitable transactions, as explained by Andrasi Tibor, senior broker, industrial / office department.

Which are the concepts – recent investments that influence the market evolution for Cluj – Napoca? 

Cluj continues to develop the retail segment, already well represented in the area, and the industrial parks. This inevitably leads to further investments and an increasing demand for jobs and brought about a “migration” of the labour force from other areas and cities to Cluj-Napoca. As a result, it is not surprising that most real estate investments in the last year were recorded in the residential segment, dominated by the sale of apartments and houses. We could also witness a special interest in completing the new, ultra-modern Class A office centers that led to the relocation of customers from offices in old buildings. Several large real estate projects were already announced for 2019, in the residential, office and industrial segment. In Cluj, the demand continues to be higher than the offer, especially on the commercial / office / industrial segments, so the market can still absorb a fairly large number of properties.

How did the market indicators evolved during 2018, which are in your expertise the segments that could attract more interest or capital, how about the impact in the business for REMS?

Although year 2018 witnessed difficult legal and political turmoil, it became clear that foreign direct investments are growing according to macroeconomic indicators. However, the industrial segment remains highly poor as the market can still absorb over 100,000 square meters. In our opinion, the acquisition of industrial land and the construction of new logistics parks can make a major contribution to the development of the real estate market. Special emphasis should also be placed on speculative industrial constructions, not on just ‘build to suit’ buildings, given the fact that presently the demand exceeds by far the available offer. As far as REMS is concerned, this year witnessed a significant increase in demand for the high class office market. The interest of small and large entrepreneurs for relocation of offices has had a major impact on our business as REMS has successfully completed several transactions on this segment.

What type of strategic attraction factors does the city / region still benefits of? Which are the main concerns but also the main advantages?

To start on a positive note, Cluj should be regarded as a national pole of the IT industry, investing millions in the development of this segment. This is why the city gained the title of Silicon Valley of Transylvania, mainly because of the influx of world-renowned companies that established here. To highlight several advantages, we would like to mention the university spirit of the city, with tens of thousands of students evolving here, the geographic position, the international airport with traffic that grows from year to year, pro-European culture, and cultural or sporting events that are frequently organized.  As for the concerns, we point out to the excessive bureaucracy that often lags behind important city projects, the lack of a concise long-term development strategy or the lack of infrastructure that could easily link Cluj to Western Europe.

In regard to evolution of the regional market in Romania or the competition with other cities in CEE region, how would you characterize Cluj – Napoca, it’s evolution, administration and promotion in the market?

Over the past 15 years, Cluj has caught up with the great, highly industrialized European cities, thanks to massive investments made throughout this period. The good part is that local government supports foreign investments, this bringing about the continuous development of the infrastructure, as well as by providing facilities for those respective investors. When a company decides to do outsourcing it is very important for it not to feel a difference of approach from the local government. We think this is the most important feature of supporting a foreign investment and this is proven by the fact that there are very few cases where investors decided to leave Cluj for another more favorable destination.

What elements define a successful advisory firm in your opinion and which are the strengths of the team REMS, what type of services the clients need most these days?

In our opinion, a respectable real estate agency must provide promptness, seriousness and especially trust to its clients, given the fierce competition in this segment. All the team members of REMS show commitment, customer loyalty, responsibility, inner motivation, and last but not least, passion. In order to be able to have a successful business in any field, first of all it takes passion. The basic principle is a simple one: to identify the needs of our clients and to offer them the best deals available on the market. To make them loyal is a hard work, but a rewarding one. Our team is a young and ambitious team that is connected to the new trends in the market and who can meet the growing demands of our clients. Each transaction is different, there is no transaction template. Therefore the solutions we have to offer to each particulate client motivate us every day. The challenge we face every day is to educate people who work in this field in choosing quality services. We want to convince as many people as possible that to work with specialized people and companies in the field to get quality services is the best option. Working in the field of real estate makes every day different; there are new challenges, new discussions, new transactions, new clients and new people to meet. Thanks to the experience gained during these years in the real estate development of Cluj, we can provide our customers both with services related to market analyzes as well as counseling on the investments to make. Our philosophy of work is simple: “we tell you what you need to know, even if it’s not what you wanted to hear.” It is a principle that we use to ensure that all investments and transactions made by and through REMS are SURE and PROFITABLE. That’s why we have many recommendations from satisfied customers. REMS provides with a complete, correct and modern vision of everything that means the vast field of real estate services.

128 Constantin Brancusi street

Cluj Napoca

Phone/Fax: +40 364 736 015

email: andrasi.tibor@remsimobiliare.ro




An article from „2018/19 Yearbook: Office, Logistic and Industrial Parks in Romania | CEE”

Partners 2018/19: strategic partners WDP, ALINSO, | office partner: Record Park – Speedwell | headline industry partners: Zacaria, KESZ Group, CTParks, Immofinanz, Anchor Grup, Brisk Group, EMS Floor | logistic partner: DPD | travel partner: TAROM

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