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ATENOR announces the leasing of the entire project DACIA ONE

As a reminder, this site, acquired in 2016, is ideally located at the heart of Bucharest City Center (at the intersection between two major roads in the Romanian capital: Calea Victoria and Boulevard Dacia). Due to its unique central location, the project is particularly well served by public transport and enjoys all the amenities and attractions of the historical city center of Bucharest.


The project includes two separate buildings: a new office space and a classified villa.


The historical monument dating from 1880, for which a renovation permit has been obtained, offers a gross area of approximately 1,800 m². The 3 facades property, which will be restored in its original style while retaining its grand internal staircase, was rented (in a future state of completion) to Noerr ROMANIA, the local representation of the German legal and tax advisors.


The new building will provide approximately 13,000 m² of state-of-the-art Class A office space. The building will also incorporate the historic facade of a building next to the classified villa. It will meet the highest energy performance standards and blend harmoniously into the environment of the historic center of Bucharest. This new construction was leased (in a future state of completion) under a ten-year lease to ING Tech, the software development hub of ING. The PUZ (zonal regulation) for this new component of the project was obtained in May 2019 and authorizations are in progress.


Active for 10 years in Bucharest, ATENOR records with the total rental of DACIA ONE a new success in a real estate market driven by the excellent performance of the Romanian economy.


In addition to its first project HERMES BUSINESS CAMPUS (73,700 m²), ATENOR, through its local subsidiaries, is also developing the @EXPO project of 49,000 m² of offices and UP-site Bucharest, its first residential development in Central and Eastern Europe providing 270 apartments in the northern area of Bucharest.


ATENOR is a real estate development company quoted on Euronext Brussels. Through our urban planning and architectural approach, we aim to provide appropriate responses to the new requirements being imposed by developments in urban and professional life. Within this framework, ATENOR invests in large scale property projects meeting strict criteria in terms of location, economic efficiency and respect for the environment Reuters: ATE0.BR – Bloomberg: ATEB BB

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