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UNIQUE SMILE – “We make it visible”  

UNIQUE SMILE is a dental care center in Sibiu, Romania, founded in 2014. Main vision is enhancing a modern concept of dentistry. Our philosophy is patient oriented, and caring about his needs. We created a pleasant ambiance, by focusing on details. We invested in higher standard and modern equipments, organized in 3 dental offices and one radiology center. Each team member is dedicated by passion, and we think this is the strength and the meaning of a medical act without compromise. 


Out motto “We make it visible”, reflects our final target regarding the patient. American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reveals that 89% of patients ask for dental treatments to enhance their self esteem and for a good physique aspect. Both have a big social impact, influencing quality life. We set out to be near the patients who choose us, to turn this journey into the most beautiful and safe road to success. We open our eyes, listen carefully and understand the emotion of each patient.

The medical team connects dentists with a district specialization in different fields of dentistry. The main goal is the interdisciplinary approach, providing the patient with the expertise of all specialists, especially in complex cases.

We pay special attention to dental services for children, orthodontic treatments (for children and adults) as well as dental cosmetic treatments. Because we think it is better to prevent than to heal, we pay attention and the prevention system, and we offer a free high quality toothbrush at each dental cleaning procedure.

Because we thought about the patient and the medical team comfort, we provided a dental imaging center inside the clinic. Thus, the dental radiology equipment is a digital one, provides a superior image quality, with a low dose of radiation. The radiology device provides comfort at first consultation and immediate postoperative control. Patients do not need to leave the office for this investigation.

We are the only dental care center in Sibiu that offers the convenience of having all branches attached to dentistry in the same location, thinking about the time and availability of patients.


Dental tourism in Sibiu

Dental tourism, a widespread phenomenon, meets the needs of patients around the world and offers the most effective solutions according to the needs of each individual case. The integrated dental services system is available to patients through a team of trustworthy people, specialised in all the branches of dentistry through modern services and treatments of the highest quality.

Sibiu, also called Hermannstadt is a city located in the heart of Transylvania, Romania, with a population of approximately 170,000.

The city of Sibiu and its surroundings are one of the most visited areas in Romania. It holds one of the best preserved historical sites in the country, many of its medieval fortifications having been kept in excellent state. Its old center has begun the process for becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. Sibiu and its surrounding area have many significant museums, with 12 institutions housing art collections, paintings, and exhibits in decorative arts, archeology, anthropology, history, industrial archeology and history of technology and natural sciences. (source Wikipedia)

Tourists who visit our medieval heritage will meet a unique, harmonious place, and will at the same time find a dental and medical tourism center in line with European standards.

Considered a European capital, Sibiu is one of the great urban, economic and social-cultural centers of Romania, abounding in warm and welcoming people, eager to meet and accept with open arms any foreign friend.

The 5th anniversary of Unique Smile brings with it an impressive number of patients who have passed the threshold, over 4,000 patients. We are glad that 15% of them are foreign patients from abroad. The clinic team offers a beautiful experience providing support in organizing the stay according to the needs of the treatments to be performed. The support provided is in the booking of the flight, reservation of accommodation, and also recommendations for planning a program that involves both treatment sessions and visiting tourist attractions, recreation and relaxation.

An article published by TB, 87th edition, June, 2019



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