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After attending, organizing or promoting forums, panels, debates, exhibitions for several years, where a lot of leaders – advisors, managers, developers, investors pleaded for the necessity of a remarkable, integrated, supportive, dedicated market and country promotion, and also after numerous discussions in Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, Cannes, Budapest, etc., where senior figures of the market were surprised to hear about landmark projects or cities revived and asking more information, we decided to re-brand and to reposition this unique investment – market guide for Romania.

So, this is it, the 7th edition: “Romania’s Real Estate Yearbook 2020”, the most comprehensive guide for a country in CEE; use it, promote it, support it if you consider it valuable.

Of course, a part of the market players went back to their offices and are still waiting an extraterrestrial invasion to make Romania famous and great again, or at least for a government, national agency, municipality or their competition to underline their evolution or strategies. Luckily for them, the other half, with significant experience, exposure and results in more markets, and bonus, some regional players and rising stars, understand that is part of the strategic business model to promote also the market, city or region and to support initiatives that other potential clients or investors key information to generate future business opportunities, in a fiercely regional competition in Europe or in the world.

So it is with great pride, that we thank our partners in editing this guide for 2020 and each of the managers of the projects or businesses you will find inside, for their trust, and gladly invite you to discover, as the tradition goes on since 2013, new investments and opportunities or key market contacts. Hopefully, the information inside will inspire future leads and trades, proving that the country has potential, besides the other not always happy news from other industries, people in real estate deserve more recognition after several years of ground breaking transformation due to their work.

Now, a few trends in the market: larger and multi functional projects, more of them mixed-use schemes, put on paper or in place; logistics accelerating to reduce the gap of stock when compared to the other countries region, maybe faster than other segments; bravely – extensive residential projects with some amenities or intelligent features integrated, closer to new business hubs or new submarkets; significant interest and developments in the regional cities including more retail and residential; numerous land transactions and some extra connectivity by train to Bucharest Henri Coanda International Airport, and the main railway station in the capital, which might revive the projects in the areas. A more strong voice from an industry association and the enthusiasm generated by the matches at Euro 2020 in Bucharest, might be the cherry on the cake, just to overcome two sets of elections and bring more focus for 2021.

In between, some lights shining hopefully on Timisoara – as European Capital of Culture, after this year a joint venture inaugurated there a mixed-use development which estimates as much traffic yearly as Romania’s population, Iasi might have two “mini – mighty” business & lifestyle districts, Cluj Napoca is racing to be more vibrant, festive and smart than Bucharest, but also more expensive, Constanta is attracting new bets, and other cities strive to be industrial or logistics hubs, plus touristic attractions: Oradea, Sibiu, Brasov, etc.

Last but not least, invitations and special news: how about a networking & party event with all of you, where to meet and understand better your business needs, generate ideas? And, also, dedicated chapters in this guide for landmark projects, retreats, inspirational and transformational experiences offered by investments in residential, retail, HoReCa, in the 2021 edition?

Feel free to write or call for ideas and feedback during the year!

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