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Just launched: the Senior Housing and Healthcare Association

A virtual unveiling for an innovative, ambitious and much-needed ‘real’ project: yesterday saw the online launch of the Senior Housing and Healthcare Association (SHHA), established by Real Asset Media, HEVO and the Amsterdam School of Real Estate.

‘Healthcare is becoming a mature asset class, driven by ageing demographics throughout Europe,’ said Ron van Bloois, Partner, HEVO at the launch. ‘Now the Covid-19 crisis has made everyone realise the importance of having a professional, well-run healthcare sector’.

Over 65-year-olds now comprise 20% of the population, but that percentage is set to increase to 30% by 2060.

‘Investors have been switching to alternative asset classes for a while now, looking for volume and diversification but above all for long-term cashflows and yields,’ said van Bloois. ‘Healthcare offers all that, plus the fact that is it not influenced by political trends or economic cycles. It also ticks the impact investing box, as it has a positive impact on elederly people’s quality of life and is in line with ESG and SDG criteria’.

Investment volumes and deal flows have been increasing in Europe, with the involvement of a rising number of serious investors with a significant track record, and ticket sizes have been increasing both for single asset and portfolio deals. One recent example is Aedifica’s acquisition of a healthcare real estate portfolio in the UK for £450 million.

As public awareness, general interest and investor demand grow, the need has emerged for a better knowledge of, and communication within, the sector.

‘The Association ash been founded to bring together all stakeholders with a shared purpose and create a future-proof local, European and global system,’ said van Bloois. ‘We need unbiased, independent data and benchmarks which are now lacking, as well as clear terminology’.

SHHA aims to highlight, promote and encourage the senior housing and healthcare real estate investment markets by bringing together investors, operators and stakeholders from across the industry to network, share best practice, research and insights.

The data will be collated anonymously by the Amsterdam School of Real Estate, whose experts will also undertake the research projects.

‘Sharing knowledge is key, there is so much we can learn from each other,’ said van Bloois. ‘To begin with we’ll focus on Europe, but in one or two years’ time my ambition is to create a bridge across to Asia and the US to make the Association truly global’.

As well as creating benchmarks, collecting data and producing independent research, the Association will organize an annual conference and other networking events and there will also be a chat function on the website to encourage communication and the exchange of ideas and provide a voice for the sector.

A dedicated publication that will share insights, best practice, and promote the sector to a global audience will be distributed alongside Real Asset Insight magazine and there will also be a range of publications and research papers.

Along with Real Asset Media, HEVO and the Amsterdam School of Real Estate, the Founding Partners of SHHA are Bouwinvest, CBRE, Aedifica, Cofinimmo, Korian, Syntrus, Mozaic Asset Management, Triginta and Care Property Invest. Companies large and small, as well as interested individuals, are welcome to join the Association.

Sursa: realassetinsight.com

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