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Morphoza: Designing the new difference

“This crisis and especially the long time spent at home only reinforced the importance of the space in an individual’s wellbeing” – Diana Calfa, Managing Partner, Morphoza.

What type of adaptive measures the company/ your projects needed? What were the lessons of this period?

This period had its challenges, but in these times of crisis we learnt to trust, adapt and innovate. With an experience of over 15 years on the market, our company managed to overcome a similar crisis, in 2008 – a moment that helped us rethink our services and become more competitive. Facing this global pandemic, we realized that, once again, we will have to set the stage for „a new normal” – for both our team and our clients.

So, we started working on a new entity within Morphoza that would use, on one hand, the creativity of our architects to develop our very own custom-made office furniture range and, on the other hand, our experience in interior design to provide a selection of the most appreciated furniture solutions from our suppliers. We have also streamlined our internal procedures so that, after this period, we will be able to respond faster to the market challenges.

Moreover, we used our experience of over three years in organizational transformation and adapted our approach to the new context, in order to help companies get prepared for the change and make the most out of it, since we strongly believe that an efficient change management process will become crucial for the organizations in the following period.

But, by far, the most challenging and rewarding project we worked on during this period was our new showroom, located in the Hexagon Office building in Cluj-Napoca. This crisis context allowed us to design our new office in a way that makes our employees feel safe at work and challenged us to explore different design styles that will work for every office. All in all, we think that our new location will serve as an inspiring, safe and creative environment for our teams but also as a valuable example of an efficient post-pandemic office design for our customers.

What is the status of your current projects and investments planned for 2020 – 2021?

We’re still moving forward with our current projects and we’re also getting ready for new, challenging and interesting ones. This pandemic showed us that we can actually make distance work and we were happy to see so many of our business partners and clients sharing our vision. Nevertheless, for one of our new office projects, the social distancing requirements forced us to rethink a part of our organizational transformation methodology, which was focused on in-site observations on how people interact with the workplace. As our client’s team was no longer working from the office, we managed to find other creative ways to collect the needed information in order to define the impact of the office layout on people’s daily work activities.

Which are the advantages of your business and products, going forward? What are your expectations from the public sector, state projects to support future business?

We never pass on a good challenge and every time the market situation changes, we use this context to continuously innovate our product and service mix as well. Our main advantage has always been the adaptability – a trait that also reflects on our projects, which keeps us competitive and relevant in this evolving marketplace.

We were also glad to see that the public sector in Romania, like those all over the world, comes with initiatives designed to support companies – the IMM Invest program being one of those – and we are confident that these measures, in conjunction with a solid control plan for the pandemic, will help us reduce the economic impact that this period had both on our sector and the state economy in general.

What transformations you expect in your sector, their effects for the Romanian economy and in a regional perspective?

This crisis and especially the long time spent at home only reinforced the importance of the space in an individual’s wellbeing. We anticipate that our business sector is one of the main actors on the stage of helping companies embrace the new normal. Of course, like after any crisis, it will take a certain period of time until we’ll start to feel an improvement in the economic sector, but we think that, from now on, changing before they have to will become a priority for many organizations.

What is your message to clients and partners?

Every crisis provides opportunities for innovation and this one is no different. We encourage our clients and partners to seize the moment and venture fearlessly on the new journey that lays ahead. Together, we can make the difference!


An article published in the exclusive supplement –  “Market pulse report, Romania – The new normal” | June 2020

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