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[Enjoy Transylvania!] What to do and what to see in Harghita

Photo: Keresztes Emil

Well, you can do almost everything if you are coming to visit us. We have bobsleigh track, wellness centers, traditional baths, Via Ferrata, adventure parks, bear watching places, pilgrimage route, traditional events, extreme sports, horses, off-road tours, bike tours, trekking, paragliding, etc. You can discover the beauty of Harghita County on foot, on horseback, on two wheels, on water, in the mountains or in the air. We’ve got your back!

Bobsleigh track – Lunca de Sus
With its 1,300 metres this is the longest bobsleigh in Romania.

Wellness Tusnad
It is located in the center of Baile Tusnad spa resort, near Ciucas Lake.

Via Ferrata “Wild Ferenc”
The “Wild Ferenc” via ferrata route was opened in autumn 2016, in Suhardul Mic Mountain (1,345m), near Red Lake.

BIKKLA (Fat Electric Bike) is the easiest and happiest way to explore the Red Lake.

Transylvania Adventure Park (TAP)
TAP – promotes and creates the opportunity for those with a spirit of adventure yearning to be carried away by adrenalin to try themselves in a wide range of extreme situations involving various machines and acquiring unforgettable experiences that inspire their spirit and stretch their mind to the extreme.

Bear watching in Baile Tusnad
It is well-known that tourists coming to Baile Tusnad want to see bears. Bence Máté, one of the world’s most famous wildlife photographer chose the best location, which could fit in a fairy tale, based on many years of research. Bears can be observed and photographed in their natural habitat through a large, one-way glass.

Via Mariae Pilgrimage Route
Mary’s Way or Via Maria is a spiritual way for tourists. It is also a pilgrim`s way, built by the nations of Central Europe to the honour of Mary, but it also connects the shrines of Mary, without interfering with any historical, cultural, or religious differences.

Traditional Bath in Borsec
The fairies garden bath is a group of mineral springs, which flow in open-air pools. The place has a wardrobe and resting points.

Balu Park
In a natural setting of a rare beauty, among the peaks of the Oriental Carpathians, in the middle of Harghita’s fir forests, Balu is one of the oldest adventure parks in the country.

Traditional evening in Ghimeș
At the request of their guests, the Gyimesi Skanzen in Lunca de Jos organize cultural and artistic events.

The Equestrian Center Ivo Riding Ranch
The Equestrian Center Ivo Riding Ranch was founded in 2011 as a small family business in the Izvoare Valley, Zetea Village in Harghita. The Ranch has the only stud farm of Icelandic horses in Romania.

The Day of the Thousand Szekler Girls
The day of the Thousand Szekler Girls, organized on the first Saturday of July in Miercurea Ciuc, is a celebration of music, dance and the popular Szekler clothes, which offers an opportunity to present, preserve and popularize the values of the Szekler folk art and garments.

Making the special Szekler cake
We’d like to invite you for an exciting program. Location: in the garden of Nagy Lak II, at the Zetea dam. On the occasion of a familiar program, our guests could get to know the tricks of making the special Szekler cake.

Have you ever wanted to soar like a bird? Well you can try with many team in Harghita County.

Horseback riding
Do you like horses? Do you wish to explore Harghita County on horseback or by a horse-cart tour? Both are possible.

What to see in most beautiful county in Transylvania

With the help of local people, we gathered some travel spots, which can’t be missed. Below we present some of these. The entire list is available on the Visit Harghita app.

Red Lake, a natural dam lake formed following the collapse of a slope due to an earthquake in 1838 near Bicaz Gorge, one of the most beautiful gorges in Romania.

Photo: Gábor Lajos

Wildlife Park of Izvoare
If you are interested in the life of the wild animals in their natural environment, we recommend the Izvoare wildlife park.

Mikó Castle Miercurea Ciuc
Mikó Fortress Castle, known as the “Fortress”, is the oldest and most important historical monument in Miercurea Ciuc. In 1970, after a general restoration, it became the headquarters of the Szekler Museum of Ciuc.

The Szekler Memorial on Pasul Casin
The Nyerges commemorative complex marks an important moment in the history of the Szeklers, one of the last military confrontations in the Revolutionary and Independence War of 1848-1849.

Sugau Cave
In the Hasmasu Mare Massif, on the Southern slope of the Sipos Mountain at over 1,600 meters, there is a speleological wonder, a gem dug in limestone – the Sugau Cave. The name, which in Hungarian means “whisper”, comes from the sounds made by the underground spring as it flows through the stones.

Zetea dam
Zetea is the only artificial lake in the upper Târnava Mare area. The work on the dam began in 1976, and finished only in 1992.

Csorgókő Waterfall from Varsag
In the Varsag forest, along the Fantana Mare brook, is the Varsag waterfall. Fueled by 7 springs, the stream’s waters drop from a height of 7 meters, forming a beautiful two-step cascade.

Frumoasa dam
The Frumoasa Dam is located on the Frumoasa brook, a tributary of the Olt river. The dam is made of ballast fillings, and a clay core. It has a height of 38 m and a length of 506 m.

Caracău Viaduct
The Caracau Viaduct is a railway viaduct on the Miercurea Ciuc – Ghimes section, which was put into operation on 18 October 1897.

Photo Laboratory Kováts Odorheiu Secuiesc
We invite you to travel in time in the only European photography studio that works by only using natural light. Ancient cameras, backgrounds, decors and other antique accessories can be seen. You could look inside cameras that are a hundred years old; you could witness the magic of black-and-white film developing in dark rooms.

Butterfly House
The first permanent tropical butterfly house in Romania, at Praid. Each year, the butterfly house can be visited in the warm months.

Varghis Gorge
Varghis Gorge is located in the Persani Mountains (1,292 m), which belong to the Southern Group of the Oriental Carpathians. The gorge formed in Jurassic limestone and has a length of 4 km.

Csíki Beer Manufacture
In 2013, a local entrepreneur, András Lénárd took over the former communist distillery in Sânsimion, Harghita county, and started producing his own craft beer. András’s local mark is called Igazi Csíki Sör, which means “The True Ciuc Beer “.

The Aragonite Museum Corund
We look forward to greet you in the first and only museum of its kind in Europe. The museum presents the history and technique of aragonite polishing, an original collection of pieces that were made in the same building, some 100 years ago.

Healing Harghita
Among the famous Salt mine in Praid and the wellness and spa centers, our county has some unique gifts.

Harghita County is the richest county from the point of view of mineral water and gas escapes in Romania. It is considered the home of more than 2,000 mineral springs. Due to their chemical substances, they are not only drinking water, but used for medicinal batch too. They are suggested to be used as drinking courses in the case of digestive tract, endocrine illnesses, liver and bilious complaints, kidney diseas and metabolism complaints.

Mineral water and the volcanic post-acting signs are characteristic all over the county. The salt and carbonated mineral water springs can be found in the northerns lopes of the Harghita and in the eastern borders of the Transylvanian basin: Praid, Corund, Seiche, Homorod, Lueta, Baile Chirui, Baile Selters, Vlahita.

The dry carbonated baths (mofettas) are good for everybody. They are very good for the heart and vascular system, they stimulate the metabolism of the organism, control the functions of the main nervous system. It is known the good influence of the gas escapes for rheumatism and blood-pressure too. Local people used the mineral water and mofettas for medical courses for centuries. Nowadays they are surrounded by a lot of baths. This is why Borsec, Baile Tusnad, Praid and Harghita Bay are well-known all over in Europe.

Harghita County in your pocket
On the 12th of December, 2018, we’ve announced the official Visit Harghita mobile application and webpage, which was made by the Harghita County Council and co-financed by the European Union. You can download it from the Google Play Store and the App Store for free.

This is the only platform that answers all your questions and gives you all need to know before choosing a tourist destination. With only a few clicks, you can easily access everything Harghita County has to offer to tourists. A unique feature of the mobile app is the audio guide available in Hungarian, English, and Romanian.

We wish you a pleasant time!

(From the special edition of TB 86 – „ENJOY TRANSYLVANIA!” – May/June 2019)

Main Photo: Keresztes Emil

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