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[Enjoy Transylvania!] Brașov, an Attractive City for National and International Investments

With an area of 5,363 km², a population density of 111 people/km², four municipalities (Braşov, Făgăraş, Codlea and Săcele), six towns, 48 townships and 149 villages, Brașov is the county with the highest urbanisation in the Centre Region of Romania and second highest urbanisation in the country.

In the last ten years, the “metropolitan area” concept has taken shape, which led to the unprecedented economic development of Brașov County, a region with great potential of attracting European funds. Also, due to its position at the crossroads of the commercial routes of every region of the country, the Brașov County has become the strongest city in the area, commercially, and has been declared an economic growth centre, beneficial for investments.

Brașov Is Developing with European Funds

Of all the Centre Development Region, Brașov County is the absolute leader in accessing EU funds. On infrastructure plans, the Brașov County Council has developed four projects to modernise and repair county roads, investments of over 306 million lei (almost 65 million euros) and two projects to renovate buildings and equip county hospitals, amounting to 35 million lei (over 7 million euro).

Attractive for External and National Investors

Brașov County is attractive not only for tourists, but also for investors. Multinational corporations now function on the sites of former factories of the Communist era – and bring significant investments in the region. According to the data given by the National Projection Commission, the Brașov County has a gross domestic product per capita of 11,164 euro for 2018 – one of the highest in the country.

In Brașov, investments have been diverse and this allowed for the development of several directions: car manufacturing, metal industry, pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, transportation and logistics services.

Foreign investors have found that Brașov has huge development capabilities. Besides its geographic position and the tourist potential, companies activating in technical areas are attracted here by the fact that in Brașov live many German- and English-speaking people, as well as the fact that the work force is highly skilled in technology, IT and engineering. The implementation of a dual professional and technical education system is a model of good practices on a national level, and it allows business investors to train their own specialists. In addition, the Transylvania University Brașov has 18 faculties and over 19,000 students, and the Development and Research Institute of the University is offering research, development and innovation services, education and training courses and specializing in fields and in topics that answer the needs of the companies.

Other advantages for foreign investments in Brașov:

  • a technology and business incubator which promotes the start and development of innovative businesses, based on advanced technologies, in order to facilitate the transfer of the scientific research results to the business environment;
  • business services that assist innovation and technology transfer;
  • research and development services;
  • technologic information services, technological audit, technological prognosis;
  • assisting and consulting for constructing experimental models and prototypes;
  • assisting and consulting for commercial exploitation of intellectual property rights.

Moreover, there are eight industrial parks in Brașov. The modern industrial area in Brașov is one of the largest in the country, with over 170,000 square meters, according to the data provided by Colliers International Romania.

The Partners of Brașov

The top main commercial partners of Brașov County, regarding imports, are: Germany (40,8%), Italy (8,8%), France (8,6%), China (4,6%) and Hungary (3,9%); and, when talking about exports, they are: Germany (38,4%), Italy (7,7%), France (6,3%), Spain (5,5%) and Poland (5,6%).

Brașov remains a main engine for economic development in the field of industrial production, and two of its production sectors are constantly growing: automotive and aviation industries.

Some of the most powerful brands active in Brașov County, as named in a top made in December 2018 by business magazine Forward Brașov and BrandBerry Agency: Schaeffler Romania, Swedish automotive group Autoliv, Bilka, Dacia Plant, Sergiana, Continental Powertrain Romania, Premium Aerotec, Allview, Electroprecizia, Stabilus Romania, IAR Ghimbav, Quin Romania, Elmas Braşov, Preh Romania, Kronospan, Miele Tehnica etc.

(From the special edition of TB 86 – „ENJOY TRANSYLVANIA!” – May/June 2019)

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