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[Enjoy Transylvania!] Maramureș – „Gate toward Tradition”

Maramureș is a picturesque county, located in the northwest part of Romania, recognized for its numerous tourism attractions, some of them well known worldwide, like the Merry Cemetery from Săpânța. In the geographical heartland of Europe, Maramureș is a land of wooden churches, mythological richness, impressive landscapes and very ancient customs. It has carefully preserved the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of a medieval peasant past.

Maramureș, this dreamlike land inhabited by hard working and friendly people is the place where even the most demanding tourist will find the perfect entertainment and relaxation opportunities, because the region covers everything, from hiking and extreme sports to cultural and religious tourism.

Culture and religion are two of the main features that define us, here in Maramureș. We have historical places, museums, countless wooden churches, memorial houses, in one word we have traditions.

In Maramureș there are over 200 architectural traditional monuments, the wooden churches that were built centuries ago, eight of them in the UNESCO heritage, are not only museums for the public, but places where the services held by priests lift your spirit up to the sky.

Nature enthusiasts will instantly fall in love with our mountain landscapes and the valleys that are truly breath-taking. In Maramureș we have over 30 protected areas, with mountains full of evergreen woods even in winter.

No matter the season that one chooses to visit our county, the magic of these places will remain in the soul of every tourist who decides to spend some time in our wonderful region.

The uniqueness and value of our secular churches was recognized by UNESCO that included eight of these constructions on the World Heritage List.

In Maramureș we pride ourselves with rich and various popular traditions, customs that have survived over centuries. Here, in our wonderful villages, the inhabitants still dress up in traditional handmade costumes, they still gather up at social village meetings and carry on the tradition by folk festivals.

Maramureș is a destination for all the tourists and covers all preferences. Hunters can appreciate the diversified fauna from our county’s forests, fishermen can throw their fishing rods in clear lakes and ponds, and mountain amateurs can hike on marked trails, skiers can choose our mountain resorts.

Maramureș county is well known for its popular costumes, for its specific architecture with ancient patterns carved in wood, for its icons painted on glass, for its pottery craftsmen.

The accommodation offered in Maramureș also satisfies all tastes and preferences. We have luxury hotels and motels, but we also have charming pensions, where the hosts will offer to each tourist an unforgettable vacation.

Our wonderful customs of Easter, Christmas or New Year`s Eve are re-enacted year by year to the enchantment of those who choose to spend their holidays in Maramureș. The Ignat customs (religious holiday before Christmas), the horse sleigh, the traditional food, are just a small part from the tourism offers of our county.

Maramureș County Council strengthens its national and internationals partnerships to promote, in every part of the world, this piece of heaven, known under one name: Maramureș.

Gabriel-Valer Zetea, President of Maramures County Council

(From the special edition of TB 86 – „ENJOY TRANSYLVANIA!” – May/June 2019)

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