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Bucharest – skyline transformation 2025 | Concept Structure: always close to the client

“Over the last few years, Concept Structure projects cumulate over 350,000 square meters built as a result of investments of over 250 million euros by our clients. We are currently continuing to design and monitor the execution in over 7 important construction sites in Bucharest, preparing for next year to launch into Timisoara, Suceava, Bacau, Constanta, in mixed-use projects: commercial-residential-office”, eng. Cristian Nastase, Managing Partner, Concept Structure.

Due to hard work and determination, Concept Structure has proven to be a reliable partner of some of the main real estate developers in the market, such as Forte Partners, AFI Europe, Speedwell, Tiriac Imobliare, Granvia Romania or Vard Fincantieri Shipyards.

Published in an exclusive, investment destination – oriented, market tour: “Bucharest – the skyline transformation by 2025” – Read: here

During the recent tenders and with the new contracts signed, what are the main transformations you identified in the future projects of the real estate market in Romania?

The main measure implemented was to focus more on the diversity of the common spaces and assigning more generous areas for green spaces. We also started focusing more on the development of various areas for outdoor activities in all our residential and office projects. Another transformation was adjusting the living spaces into more generous areas, as well as choosing a structural system that allows easy optimization and modification of the architectural plan.

What defines the strategy and the strengths of Concept Structure and what should the clients expect from now on?

Our strategy was always to position ourselves close to the client, regardless of the contract type, whether signed directly with the investor or through one of the reputable architecture companies in the market. Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development, to realization. We cherish our architects’ vision and incorporate it within our innovation. Whatever the project, we have your solution, and we deliver it, while honoring tight budgets and aggressive deadlines.

The biggest asset of Concept Structure, company that has become one of the most important structural engineering firms in Romania, is the unity of our team. Enhanced over the last 12 years, our team strongly believes in the power of the group, an ideology that underlies every important decision within the company. Our clients will continue to benefit from our company’s constant improvement, aspect to which our team pays primary attention throughout all our departments: geotechnical engineering and special foundations, metallic structures, reinforced concrete structures, value engineering and site monitoring.

In the interest of our clients, we have created a special department responsible for site monitoring, in addition to the current follow-up conducted by the design team already assigned to the project. This new department acts as an additional supervisory body, conducting visits on site, collecting data and transmitting them to the design team, and it already has a positive feedback from the site, through the client’s management team or through the general contractor’s team.

For our line of work, structural engineering, we are preparing a descriptive album presenting the most important Concept Structure projects, and other important projects in the market at the moment: Sector Zero: Matei Millo Offices & Tandem Offices by Forte Partners; AFI Mall and Office Brasov by AFI Europe; Miro Offices by Speedwell; U-Center phase 2 and 3 by Forte Partners; Stejarii Phase 2 by Tiriac Imobiliare;  Granvia Marina by Granvia Romania. The album will illustrate the challenges of structural engineering in construction, in terms of design and drawings.

How did you manage to optimize the business in the challenging 2020? Which are the objectives of the management team for 2021-2022?

2020 was a difficult year, because in March all our current contracts for 6 big offices suddenly ceased. However, we pulled through due to the ongoing construction sites and the design and build phases that were in an advanced state, with the general contractors: BTD, Bog’art, Heberger, Terratest. Moreover, we expanded our team with 6 new members.

Currently, Concept Structure consists of a team of 38 engineers. Concept Structure management needs to be in a permanent progress, therefore one of our priorities for 2021-2022 is promoting new practices within the company, meant to solidify the resolution of a unitary and strong group. We have also created a company database, which we continue to improve every day, by focusing on the specific detailing of each project. This database should lead to maximizing the efficiency of teamwork and should also ensure that the experience acquired in each project will be put in favour of our customers.

The main objective is and will always be – positioning close to the client, because he is the most important in the market. As a result, many clients continued to show us trust even after completing a project, by signing new partnerships with us: Forte Partners, Afi Group, Tiriac Imobiliare, Speedwell, Granvia Romania, One United Properties, Fincantieri Vard.

Are you also targeting projects in the neighboring countries?

We are currently involved in private auctions in Poland and Bulgaria, through our partner, Terratest Geotehnic. As the group evolves, we will be taking over new projects, the next year we will be present in Suceava, Timisoara, Bacau and Constanta.

Published in an exclusive, investment destination – oriented, market tour: “Bucharest – the skyline transformation by 2025” – Read: here

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