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Mrs. Laura Lică-Banu, Forensic Director, Deloitte Romania, will participate at Pria AML & Compliance Conference

Mrs. Laura Lică-Banu, Forensic Director, Deloitte Romania, will participate at Pria AML & Compliance Conference, on the 24th of June 2021, starting at 10,30

Laura will talk about the role of the auditor and of the forensic expert and how it is combined with the activity of the compliance officer in the evaluation of the anti-money laundering/countering terrorism financing (AML/CFT) internal system’ functionality.

”The independent audit has an important role in the evaluation of the internal AML/CFT system of a company. It covers the review of the relevant policies and procedures and testing the functionality of the internal controls. The expertise of the auditors or of the forensic specialists involved in the audit process, in the AML/CFT area, is critical, in order to fully understand the big picture and to identify potential vulnerabilities or deficiencies of the system on granular basis. It is not just ticking a box or a checklist stating the compliance with the legal obligations; it requires a high-level of experience and of technical judgement. The audit mission comes to support the internal effort of the compliance officers to confirm whether or not the company may be subject to a potential ML/TF high risk and to identify the improvement measures needed,” said Laura Lică-Banu, Forensic Director, Deloitte Romania.

PRIAevents , having Deloitte Romania as main partner, invites you to PRIA AML & COMPLIANCE CONFERENCE, on June 24th 2021 at 10,30 am.

We are honored that Laura Lică-Banu, Forensic, Deloitte Romania, will participate at Pria AML & Compliance Conference, on the 24th of June 2021, starting at 10,30.

During the Pria AML and Compliance Conference, participants will about the latest and best solutions for AML enforcement,  compliance and ethics challenges, including anti-corruption,  latest challenges, threats and developments in fraud prevention and white collar crime, data protection, and risk management. The agenda of the event also includes different case studies along with discussions and best practices.

Role of compliance and ethics continues to evolve rapidly worldwide with companies paying more attention than ever to do business with integrity and  having anti-corruption compliance programs that are in line with international best practices.

This conference will gather most important regulating authorities, compliance officers, lawyers, auditors, consultants and business leaders to take part in a rich exchange of ideas and experiences to identify and find solutions to emerging issues in anti-corruption, white collar, AML and new technologies and vulnerabilities they are creating.

Connect with the best and brightest from Romania’s AML experts through live panel discussions and networking roundtables, all from the comfort of your home or office.

Sectors that will participate: banking, insurance, financial institutions, insurance, investment companies, accounting, pension funds, crypto-currencies representatives, postal and couriers, lawyers, notaries, consultants, real estate agencies and authorities.

Recent developments and new trends in AML legislation enforcement in Romania.
5th AML Directive. Law nr. 129/2019 . The Risk Based Supervision Guidelines 2016/1675 / Commission Delegated Regulations (EU)  2019/758 //and 2016/1675
Financial sector and the AML Regulations. Knowing your clients and why, when and how report suspicious transactions?
AML / CFT  International standards in the field of AML / CFT Obligations of states and financial systems / jurisdictions in this area
Emerging technologies and AML risks
AML Regulationfor crypto. EBA Report and Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/1108
Financial Crimes: most important topics & enforcement trends
EU Whistleblower Directive – international view and best ways to be implemented in Romanian legislation
New developments in AML legislation in Romania and the impact on the liberal professions
Advise regarding cybercrime and cyberfraud theft in Romania. How can companies be prepared?
AML and gambling industry
The role of a forensic auditor and how it is combined with the role of the compliance officer in internal investigations
Anti-corruption prevention mechanism – protecting your integrity
Compliance Programs – Best Practices & Anti-Corruptions and ani-bribery regulations in Romania
For fee access to the event, please complete https://priaevents.ro/inregistrare-conferinta-online-2021/.

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