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#ROatExpoReal | Opportunities in regional cities, the new wave

Regional cities have important strengths when it comes to attracting new investments: skilled and loyal workforce, decent wages, access to new transport infrastructure, lower taxes or even tax exemptions or other facilities from local authorities, or maybe even opportunities like old industrial sites that can be refurbished and developed rapidly, a classic example of disadvantages turned into advantages, especially in this gloomy international background. A market review by Florin OPREA, managing partner – Busy Brokers

An article part of the cover story in TB 111 magazine – “Oradea: Business Next Level & LifeNouveau” available here.

Starting from the request for industrial space until the handover of the leased space, Busy Brokers – Commercial Real Estate follows its mission to represent at the regional level its partners, the developers, managers, and owners of industrial and logistic parks, and to support clients throughout the entire rental and accommodation process, from identifying spaces suitable for their activity, to choosing the ideal space and adapting it to their real business need. We already witness a spike in the demand for small and medium-sized industrial spaces in regional cities, and clearly a strong development of the SBU segment (surfaces between 500 and 2,000 sqm) will follow, marking the next wave of industrial real estate development in the country.

The trend is fueled by: companies with various fields of activity which relocate from former in-city industrial areas that now turn into retail, residential or mixed-use areas; local entities of larger companies, looking for a better location, in the proximity of new transport infrastructure to optimize the supply and delivery activities; last mile logistics companies; clients that expand their national distribution networks and that follow a prudent entry in new cities by leasing out smaller warehouses for minimal stock; companies optimizing energy consumption, which migrate to modern, energy-efficient industrial buildings.

There will also be a spike in the demand for production space, medium and large units mostly, from Western Europe companies looking to optimize costs related to energy and personnel, from Asian companies, for supply chain optimization purposes, from Ukrainian companies relocating their operations outside the war zone, and from companies coming from many other countries of the world to start new production units related to the reconstruction of Ukraine.


New projects around airports?

Regional cities in Romania are currently running strategic investments regarding the modernization and expansion of their airports. Sibiu, a city whose modern western industrial area has developed right in the vicinity of its airport, has just started the airport expansion project through an investment of over 55 million euros. Industrial real estate developers are planning to build new logistic parks or expand their existing ones in the airport area, and next to the A1 Motorway, and some of them will also offer SBUs to meet the specific demand in this city. Oradea Airport is currently building a cargo terminal, a project developed in a partnership with the leader of the industrial and logistics market. Cluj Airport has gone through a continuous process of transformation in the last years, and the growth of its traffic has contributed fully to the economic success story of both the city and the entire northwest region. Obviously, most of the logistic parks in this city are in the vicinity of the airport and the A3 Motorway. 12 km from the city, Brasov Airport is currently being built next to the future A3 Motorway. Most of the modern industrial parks in Brasov are concentrated in western area of the city, towards Ghimbav and Cristian, offering both big-box and SBUs for lease, for all categories of potential tenants.

Through our professional brokerage and consulting services, specialized in the industrial real estate sector, we manage to optimize the time and work volume put in by landlords for the successful accommodation of their tenants, as well as the time spent by tenants in this whole process, which is very often too complex for their know-how in this field. We successfully build business for our partners and clients, that’s why we are Busy Brokers!

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