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One week left – Romania at ExpoReal 2016

The Romanian pavilion at the International Trade Fair EXPO REAL is organised for the 5th time in a row by the German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Romania). The co-exhibitors are: Bam Sports Germany, Heberger Constructii, Invest Romania, Karl Heinz Dietrich International Logistic, Oradea Local Development Agency, Suceava County, City of Siret and WDP Development Romania. A short profile of the co-exhibitors… 2016/2017 Yearbook: Office, Logistic and Industrial Parks, Romania’s investment guide, 4th edition will be available at the Romanian Pavilion and to participants in the dedicated conference – ”Romania: new market dynamics and opportunities”   


Oradea  Local  Development  Agency  is  a  wholly  owned  subsidiary  of  the  City  of  Oradea, responsible  for  promoting  and  attracting foreign direct investment. The company is the main contact point for foreign investors interested in setting up a business in Oradea, providing investors with all the information and local knowledge necessary to take investment decisions. Located in the northwest of Romania, at 7 km from the western border with Hungary, the Oradea Industrial Platforms represent a unique opportunity for foreign investors looking for an accessible and dynamic location with an excellent infrastructure, beneting from competitive costs, skilled work force and tailor made training programs through the dedicated vocational school. The industrial platforms are green-eld type, with the utilities at property limit, and cover three dierent sites: Platform I (130 ha), Platform II (83 ha), and Platform III (15 ha). For further information visit: www.adlo.ro



The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Romania) was established in September 2002. With its almost 550 members it is the largest bilateral economic association in Romania. AHK Romania is the ocial representative of the German econo- my in Romania and plays a key role in fostering the German-Romanian economic relations. As a professional service provider, the AHK Romania oers a wide spectrum of services in supporting German companies to enter the Romanian market and to establish new branches in Romania. The AHK Romania sees itself also as a partner for Romanian companies interested in the German market.For further information visit: www.ahkrumaenien.ro


At BAM Sports GmbH, a team of qualied experts is responsible for the special stadium and arena sector. From our Düsseldorf head-quarter, we develop, build and operate stadiums and arenas in Germany and around the world. In partnership with our customers our company combines technically sophisticated construction work with complex services around sports facility construction. We realise demanding construction projects for stadiums and multi-purpose halls at the highest level – worldwide. In addition, we can offer comprehensive and complete solutions, such as operation and nancing concepts for sports facilities. The  Timisoara  Sports  &  Congress  Park was  developed  in  a  cooperation  of  BAM  Sports  and  AS&P.  The  area  is  located  in  the south-west of the historic city centre and is currently dominated by the home stadium of FC Politehnica Timișoara. The existing stadium serves as the starting point for the reorganization of the site, which occupies approximately 40 ha. The rehabilitation of the open space system, together with the integration of modern sport, business and entertainment amenities will take into account the valuable existing elements while at the same time creating options for a sustainable and demand-oriented urban development perspective for Timisoara. For further information visit: www.bam-sports.de


Heberger Constructii is a General Contractor on the Romanian market with its headquarters in Bucharest and with outlets in Cluj and Timisoara. We are part of the Heberger Bau Group from Schierstadt, Germany, one of the leading construction companies in the world with 22 subsidiaries in 9 countries on 3 continents. Heberger Constructii is the partner that helps foreign investors to enter the Romanian market, assists and helps them to achieve economically optimized construction projects with high quality standards. Our company  provides  general  contracting  services  (turnkey  construction)  as  well  as  design,  consultancy,  project  management  and  execution for steel and reinforced concrete structures, roof and walls cladding, docking systems, curtain walls, MEP, thermo-hydro insulation,  refurbishment.  Commitment,  eciency  and  prompt  development  in  all  phases  of  the  project  are  our  warranty  on  the dynamic market of Romania. We have successfully completed multiple projects for Investment groups such as Immonanz, Portland Trust and German companies such as Lisa Draexlmaier, Oechsler, Webasto, Bosch, Schweighofer, Egger etc. For further information visit: www.heberger-constructii.ro


InvestRomania is the government organization dedicated to providing professional support and advice to foreign investors in Romania. The organization will be attending Exporeal 2016 as part of the Romanian booth, with professionals from its sta enjoying extensive expertise in offering international companies which prospect the region or intend to establish their units in Romania accurate, relevant  information on the domestic business  opportunities. At this moment, Romania represents a land  of opportunities for shrewd investors to take upon, cashing-in on its competitive advantages. Therefore, InvestRomania invites all seeking development and  growth  to  benet  from  their  core  expertise  and  prociency in serving the  international community  in  empowering  global business. For further information visit: www.investromania.gov.ro


Karl Heinz Dietrich International Exped is developing in Romania a strategic portfolio of logistic and industrial parks with direct or close  access  to  the  highways  and  main  roads.  KHD  is  delivering  to  its  customers  both  buildings  and  all  necessary  infrastructures, while companies can focus on their core business. KHD is driven by the one-stop-shop principle: built-to-suit, ¬nancing, development,  construction,  facility  and  property  management.  Furthermore  KHD  is  one  of  the  few  companies  on  the  Romanian  market  supplying the full range of logistic services. As a third generation family-run business, we o er multiple logistic functions for each client individually and incorporate them into the customer value chain as part of the logistic process  ow (including Supply Chain Solutions, In-House Logistics, Project Logistics, Value Added Services). For further information visit: www.dietrich-logistic.com

City of Siret is located in north-eastern Romania, in Suceava County. East European Border Industrial Park Siret (15.9 hectares) is located in Siret town near the European road E85 and Siret Customs (Romanian-Ukrainian border). Siret Customs is the only border crossing  between Romania and Ukraine which allows the crossing of the border by goods transport trucks, and will bene¬t in the next period of funding of 6 million € from EU funds with the objective of reducing the stationary time of trucks in points of transnational communication. EEB Industrial Park is able to accommodate production companies, warehouse logistics and customs warehouses. All residents of the Industrial Park will benefi¬t from the park’s facilities granted to investors by Romanian law (exemption from taxes,  minimis aid, and state aid). The land is flat and is completely free with no buildings being built there. The main utilities (water, gas, electricity) are brought to the park boundary. For further information visit: www.primariasiret.ro

Suceava County belongs to the North-East Development Region, ¬rst of the eight development regions according to the size and population. The reasons which make our region so attractive relate primarily to the geographical position, namely on the eastern border  of  the  European  Union,  at  the  Ukrainian  border  and  the  existence  of  transport  infrastructure  that  ensures  openness  to  all  European markets, the high potential of the forest sector with direct implications in the development of the woodworking industry,  the  landscapes  and  natural  beauty  that  o er  multiple  opportunities  for  development  in  tourism  and  agro  tourism,  the  industrial  platforms with great rehabilitation potential and not least, quali¬ed and low priced labour force. The  project Suceava-Botoșani  Food  Industry  Integrated  Park aims  to  capitalize  the  development  of  an  agricultural  marketing  structure by buying, processing, selling and searching for market place for the agricultural products in the area Suceava-Botoșani, in the country, in the European space and worldwide. Suceava County has a recently modernized airport, which ranks second in the country  in  the  bearing  surface  of  the  runway.  Suceava  County  Council  is  interested  in  ensuring  the  necessary  conditions  for  the  development of any type of investments and expresses its willingness to support any local or foreign investor who wants to open or to develop a productive activity in Suceava County. For further information visit: www.cjsuceava.ro

Market leader in Benelux, WDP already has extensive experience on the Romanian market due to development projects and client mix, it can be regarded as a dedicated partner in the long term. Besides the options already available in Pitesti, Bucharest, Brasov, Constanta, Braila, Rm. Valcea, Ploiesti, Sibiu, Cluj, the company’s strategy also includes projects in new regions of the country. Customers who have already chosen us come from highly dynamic industries: automotive, production, distribution, logistics, transport,  etc.,  and  they  constitute  our  portfolio  –  an  argument  to  our  strengths.  Our  customers  so  far  are:  Roechling  Automotive,  HP,  Pelzer Automotive PIMS, Yazaki, Roquet, Federal Mogul, Inter Cars ILS, Siemens, Faurecia, DPD, Quehenberger Logistics, KLG, eMag, Bekaert  Deslee.  WDP  is  guided  by  the  principle  of  one-stop-shop:  built-to-suit,  fi¬nancing,  development,  construction,  facility  and  property management. For further information visit: www.wdp.be


Conference: Romania – new market dynamics and opportunities

Language of lecture: English
Tuesday 04.10.2016 / 14:00 – 15:00


Romania has one of the strongest macro-economic growth in EU with a stable forecast (2016: 4.2%; 2017: 3.5% ). Property fundamentals are also strong: total leasing activity for industrial and office sectors are up significantly (industrial demand in up 20% y-o-y, office demand H1 2016 up 57% y-o-y)

Companies wanting to invest or expand on the Romanian market can get first hand information at the conference “Romania: new market dynamics and opportunities” will take place on the 4th of October from 14:00  to 15:00 in the Discussion & Networking Forum Hall A1.




Manuel Costescu
State Secretary
Invest Romania – Romanian Foreign
Direct Investment Department
Bucharest, Romania

Razvan Iorgu
Managing Director
CBRE Romania
Bucharest, Romania               

Hedwig Höfler
Head of Investment Management
CA Immo

Dr.Ingo Nissen
Managing Director
Sierra Developments Romania
Bucharest, Romania


Andreas Schiller
Editor in chief, SPH Newsletter
Schiller Publishing House
Bergisch Gladbach


Wednesday, 5th October, from 15:00 to 15:45: „Presentation Timisoara Sports & Congress Park”


Romanian Pavilion, Hall A1 Stand 234

The BAM Sports and AS&P’s developed Masterplan comprises the modernization and expansion of the existing sport grounds, as well as the incorporation of new sport facilities throughout an extensive park, elaborating this new holistic concept through the integration of a convention center and hotel.




Nicolae Robu
Mayor City of Timisoara                

Friedbert Greif
Managing Partner at                     
Albert Speer & Partner     

Axel Eichholtz
Managing Director at BAM Sports


Browse online: 2016/2017 Yearbook: Office, Logistic and Industrial Parks, Romania’s investment guide, 4th edition – here

Europe’s Largest Trade Fair for Property and Investment
EXPO REAL: Orientation in Turbulent Times

The international real estate industry will meet at Messe Munich from Oc-tober 4 to 6, 2016.
Number of exhibitors at EXPO REAL has increased by more than two percent.
Chairman and CEO of Messe München Klaus Dittrich: “The global eco-nomic situation is causing investors to act more cautiously.”

Despite Brexit and political uncertainties, the real estate industry contin-ues to prosper. This will also be reflected at EXPO REAL in Munich from October 4 to 6, 2016; the number of exhibitors has increased again.

“As long as interest rates remain low and a lot of capital is looking for investment opportunities, no end to the housing boom can be seen,” Klaus Dittrich, CEO of Messe München GmbH, explained. “At the same time, the global economy is at risk and the political situation is unstable. This causes investors to act more cau-tiously. EXPO REAL is the ideal place to explore these trends and derive appro-priate business strategies from them.”

Orientation for developments, markets and trends

Europe’s most important network for real estate and investments provides com-prehensive orientation with respect to developments, markets and trends in indi-vidual segments. The trade fair is also confirming this claim in 2016. “The num-ber of exhibitors increased again in 2016, this time by more than two percent,” Stefan Rummel, Managing Director of Messe München GmbH, explained. The top 10 exhibiting countries (apart from Germany): Austria, the Netherlands, Po-land, Switzerland, Great Britain, Hungary, France, the United States, and Lux-embourg as well as Italy and the Czech Republic that share 10th place. In addi-tion, there are again numerous country pavilions. Italy is represented with a large joint booth for the first time. “We are also pleased that Stockholm is celebrating its premiere and that Budapest has returned to EXPO REAL,” Mr. Rummel said.

Exciting, hefty exchanges concerning Brexit – and much more

Brexit and its consequences will naturally play a major role at EXPO REAL. For example, the audience can expect exciting, hefty exchanges of ideas between Brexit advocate and economist Dr. Gerard Lyons and the proven Brexit oppo-nent Sir Howard Bernstein, Chief Executive of Manchester City Council, in the EXPO REAL FORUM: “Brexit: What is in after out?”. In addition, a large part in the conference program will deal with the question of how the overall economy and consequently the real estate industry will develop further; “one question, among other things, is whether thinking in cycles is over, or whether we are cur-rently only experiencing an exceptional situation in the money and investment markets and how we are to assess this situation,” Mr. Dittrich explained. The challenges of the housing industry are a major issue, “not only from investment point of view, but also in terms of social issues. Affordable housing is scarce, and increased migration is exacerbating the problem further”.


EXPO REAL, International Trade Fair for Property and Investment, is the trade fair for networking when it comes to cross-sectoral and transnational projects, investments and financing. It encom-passes the entire spectrum of the property industry and offers an international networking platform for the important markets of Europe, via Russia and the Middle East to the USA. The comprehen-sive conference program with around 400 speakers provides a solid overview of current trends and innovation in the property, investment and financing market. In 2014 the International Trade Fair for Property and Investment, which is staged annually at the Messe München site, was at-tended by 37,857 participants from 74 countries and 1,707 exhibitors from 33 countries. The next EXPO REAL will be held from 4 to 6 October 2016.

Messe München

Messe München is one of the world’s leading trade-show companies. It organizes some 40 trade shows for capital and consumer goods and key high-tech industries in Munich and abroad. Each year more than 30,000 exhibitors and some two million visitors take part in events held at the Messe München trade-fair center, the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München and the MOC Veranstaltungscenter München. In addition, Messe München organizes trade shows in China, India, Turkey, South Africa and Russia. Messe München has a global business presence with affiliates in Europe, Asia and Africa and more than 60 foreign representatives serving more than 100 countries.

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