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Green Light Given for Office Park 4

The Airport City is Expanding: Green Light Given for Office Park 4. Flughafen Wien AG is investing more than € 50 million in state-of-the-art office facilities with more than 20,000 m² – “Brexit refugees” will also be targeted.
The Airport City continues to grow. Flughafen Wien AG is starting planning work for the construction of the new state-of-the-art Office Park 4. The new office property will be built by the beginning of 2020, offering more than 20,000 m² of additional office space at the airport site. Office Park 4 will expand the offering of the Airport City in addition to the office tower located on the entrance road. More than € 50 million will be invested in the project up to early 2020.
“With its new Office Park 4, Vienna Airport is taking another step to enhance the attractiveness of the Airport City and the entire airport region”, says Günther Ofner, Member of the Management Board of Flughafen Wien AG. “We not only want to target local companies but also international firms, especially Brexit refugees from Great Britain, in light of the fact that we boast a unique location in the heart of Europe. The airport is an optimal site for companies searching for good international transport connections, high-performance logistics capacities, best telecommunications and IT connectivity as well as a comfortable working environment featuring shopping facilities and local amenities, parking spaces and good accessibility with public transportation.”
State-of-the-art Office Park 4 expands business location capacity of the Airport City
Interest in the airport as a business location continues to grow. Twelve companies with about 600 employees have set up operations on the airport site during the last twelve months. Now the Airport City with the office buildings Office Park 1, 2 and 3 and building 645 is operating at near full capacity, and there is demand for additional office space.
Office Park 4 to be put into operation by the beginning of 2020
Planning work on the new Office Park 4 is commencing following project approval by the Supervisory Board. The building will be located on the west side of the tower on the entrance road to the airport area. More than 20,000 m² of additional office and event space will be created. Office Park 4 will be put into operation no later than the beginning of 2020. A particular asset of the premises is the best available telecommunications and IT connectivity.
Airport City: Optimal business location partner for companies
The development of the airport from a property location to a multifunctional Airport City is an integral part of the airport strategy. Vienna Airport offers ideal conditions for business location projects, boasting commercial properties of over 140,000 m², office park facilities encompassing about 110,000 m² of office and conferencing space in the future (including Office Park 4), various shopping facilities, local amenities and services such as supermarkets, a pharmacy, a health club, a postal partner office open 24 hours a day and much more, along with optimal transport connections. More information on office space and company premises at the airport site is available to prospective clients at www.airport-city.at.

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