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City Gate Plaza Refurbishment

As the sole owner of the City Gate buildings, GTC Romania is continuing the strategy of improving the buildings, by starting the main project of 2017, the refurbishment of Plaza.
Aiming to revitalize the empty space existing between the City Gate office building, by reconditioning the hydro-insulation, replacing the pedestrian pavement, restoring the existing roadway platforms at the back, installing urban furniture for relaxation, terraces, improvement of the lighting system and introduction of green-vegetation surfaces to create an optimum microclimate for all of us, to transform the empty space into green, quality areas which create more private space and relaxation benefits.
In addition to esthetical elements, various technical problems are to be solved as well:
Installation of a new hydro-isolation over the slab of the underground parking;
Installation of flexible construction joints, replacing the corroded profiles in 3 basement levels;
Dismantle and redo the concrete platforms (backside wings of the Towers)
a. Total refurbishment of the outside area: hydro-insulation, sewage, furniture, lightings, landscaping;
b. basement remediation of the joints and floor cracks
c. evacuation stairs covering, for protection against further water ingress in case of rain and snowfall.
Works started in June and they ought to be finalized by the end of September.

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