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ABSL announces the ABSL Awards Gala, on April 19th, Hotel Intercontinental, Ronda Ballroom

ABSL Awards Gala recognizes the most innovative, impactful and valuable projects and initiatives of the business services industry over the course of the previous year and celebrates member companies for making great achievements possible.
2018 is the third year of delivering the ABSL Awards, continuing the tradition and looking forward to making it even more valuable for our community.
ABSL Awards Gala inspires the business services community to continuously strive for excellence and by this, to strengthen the sector’s position as the powerhouse of the Romanian economy.
ABSL Member companies can enroll one of their projects under each Award Category, a total of 7 projects, by completing the requirements within the Eligibility & Rules, available in gala.absl.ro.
One winning project per Category will be selected by the Jury after a thorough evaluation process.
The ABSL Awards are open only to ABSL members.
The 2018 categories are:
Business Leader in:
 Business Excellence
 Business Innovation
 Customer Experience
 Corporate Social Responsibility
 Talent Development & Education
 Vibrant Workplace
& a special award for the Colleague of the Year
The Jury is composed of seven reputable experts in the business sector working strongly to make the assessment process transparent and fair to all applicants.
For registration & details visit gala.absl.ro

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