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Globalworth District, the first art&tech district in Romania

From the 28th of February, art and technology will have a permanent residence in Globalworth District, the first art&tech district in Romania. The project is dedicated to the people working in office buildings developed by Globalworth, being developed in accordance with their passions and need of experimenting the world around them. We transform our buildings in unconventional spaces that host and support art and technology, promoting at the same time the young generation of Romanian artists.

„Following our events from last year when we transformed our buildings in spaces dedicated to culture, in which our partners and the public had the occasion to rediscover art, now we do another step and officially launch the new district on the Bucharest’s cultural map. Globalworth District is about community, about people from our buildings, young artists, tech lovers and enthusiasts of new experiences. The effervescence of local artists can now be experienced in a new, unique and personal way with the help of the latest technologies. We are excited that starting with the launch event we have with us partners that believe in our idea.”, said Georgiana Oltenescu, Head of Marketing and Communication at Globalworth.

Globalworth District’s launch will take place on 28th of February, starting with 6 PM, in Globalworth Tower (Barbu Vacarescu 201) and will offer an immersive show, combining technology with music, visual arts and fashion, in an event curated by One Night Gallery. The building’s lobby will be the scene for a new media art event, which includes a concert of Robin and The Backstabbers, installations and projections by Les Ateliers Nomad and H3, illustrations by Bogdan Moraru and animated by Tudor Calnegru and the AR fashion collection by George. The first intelligent banking. An innovation by BCR.

Throughout the year, Globalworth District will host events dedicated to each of the three pillars: music, visual art and fashion, which can be experienced in a new way with the help of technology. The visitors become more than a spectator, being able to interact with art and to discover it in a new perspective in virtual and augmented reality, for example.

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