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ADNBA: Looking ahead to a new exciting chapter of growth

In a gray period, when we face new challenges in finding new projects and inspiration, there are also opportunities like research and discovering new ways of work. For the moment, our clients’ requirements haven’t change that much. On the other hand, due to the fact that more people have to work from home we expect to see an extended housing concept. The new trend will be with apartments that are no longer at the lower limit of the build-up areas but maybe with an extra room for work or a home-office concept.

arh. Andrei Șerbescu, arh. Adrian Untaru

Looking ahead to a new exciting chapter of growth, our plan is to open an ADNBA DE division in Germany. We look at Germany as a market with a lot of future potential for us. It is a stable and solid market and Berlin has proved throughout the last 15-20 years to be “the place” in Europe when talking about local opening towards global diversity in design. We know the competition is strong, but we also know that our team is very talented and highly skilled and that we have developed a set of diverse, powerful design and management tools, which can help us compete with almost any other local or international company, especially on the residential market.

On the Romanian market, in residential projects one of the trends is the request for integrated ensembles, larger and multifunctional developments which bring together in the same place homes, offices, public and green spaces, services or sports facilities that add value to the dwelling qualities.

This type of integrated, large-scale projects is new in Romania. Up until now almost no investor was willing to invest so much time in the design process and face the financial security of a long-term investment. In the changing context we believe large scale integrated projects are a good direction that can lead to more coherent and sustainable projects in terms of their durability and security of investment over time.

When there is a mix of functions, they support and help each other. Architecture is no longer at the object scale, but at the overall level.

Avalon Estate – developed by Prime Kapital

Our experience for this type of mixed-use project – at a neighborhood scale – is Avalon Estate developed by Prime Kapital on a 8 ha site in Pipera. The project will comprise detached houses, semi-detached houses, apartments in small buildings and private villas, as well as common facilities such as a clubhouse, gym, kindergarten and large park directly accessible to inhabitants. A better standard of living is achieved through the design of several side functions in the same place as opposed to isolated neighborhoods, without related services nearby and quite far from your working place downtown.

ISHO Timisoara – developed by Mulberry Development

Another ongoing project of ours, for mixed-use – at a building scale – is ISHO A (Mulberry Development). The project is a 20-stories tower in Timisoara, near Bega River. Our building is part of a bigger master plan that will redefine the entire Take Ionescu – Baader area and will include housing, offices, hotel, services and also cultural and sports amenities. The volume of our building also emphasizes the integrated services that take place inside. The base is larger and comprises the first 4 floors. The ground floor remains for commercial spaces usage and it is open to the street through a portico. The next floors are for offices and the 4th floor is for recreational areas and swimming pool.

Tanderm – developed by Forte Partners

In the office sector, we believe more and more clients are looking to build office spaces in the central area of the city. For this year and the coming one, we have an important construction site for our ongoing new office project. It consists of the development of two office buildings situated in the heart of Bucharest on Victory Avenue – Sector 0 (Forte Partners). This is also an urban reconfiguration project. The ground floors of the buildings will comprise commercial spaces, bars, cafes and services creating a pedestrian area between Ion Câmpineanu and Matei Millo streets. In the design process, we also had to pay attention to the landscape design and how we connect the two buildings, which are, affront one another. We believe in having more of these sustainable developments that focus not only on the design of the building, which is very important of course, but also on the landscape, creating public space in between buildings and the context. Thus, investors give something new to the city as well as to their future tenants.

arh. Andrei Șerbescu, arh. Adrian Untaru

ADNBA is an integrated architecture services studio working on large scale projects, over 23 projects built and having achieved a wide international recognition and 14 international awards. Andrei Serbescu and Adrian Untaru founded ADNBA in 2003, later joined by Bogdan Brădățeanu and Esenghiul Abdul as partner.


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