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EMS FLOOR GROUP adapts to „The new normal” all over Europe

EMS FLOOR GROUP, a Romanian multinational company who has been working with epoxy resin for the last 10 years, was surprised by a crisis that reached all the countries where the epoxy application teams have activity: Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Romania, Hungary.

Claudiu Baciu, managing partner, talks about the measures taken by EMS FLOOR GROUP in order to overcome this period and embrace the „new normal”.

What type of adaptive measures the company / your project (s) needed? What were the lessons of this period?

Safety of our employees was the first on our minds and we made all the efforts necessary in order to find the best solutions for them. Safety of the people we work with is a milestone in our organisational culture  Our purpose as a company is to change the world in a better place, create safe environments for the people using our flooring, create safe and secure jobs for our employees and a trustworthy partnership for our clients and providers. Afterwards we proceeded with scenario-planning and financial assumptions. We know that in time of crisis communication is essential and this was another focus for us to communicate openly and transparent with all our partners.

At European level the activity of EMS application teams was different in each country. If in Belgium, Luxembourg and France the activity was temporarily suspended by the governments, in Romania and Hungary the sites remained opened, but a decrease was registered in comparison with the beginning of the year. Fortunately, our activity never stopped, we continued working, we signed new contracts in flooring application in projects from pharma industry and food industry. And where possible the EMS FLOOR GROUP management team has carried out, through telework, an alternative that we haven’t used to its full potential so far.

What is the status of your current project(s) and investments planned for 2020-2021?

The investments scheduled for 2020 of EMS FLOOR GROUP are meeting a little delay in comparison with what we’ve programmed at the beginning of the year. The delay is because of to internal budget remodeling made as a precaution and to the difficulty in obtaining approvals. A lot of projects are in progress at this moment in pharma industry, food industry, schools, hospitals and parking. We are optimistic about the future because one of EMS’s values is adaptability and we will have to adapt in order to constantly adjust our business plans, there is no other solution if we want to achieve our objectives.

Which are the advantages of your business and products, going forward?

Our partners both clients and providers need our services in order to move forward. We are interconnected and we have to deliver a lot of projects with epoxy flooring and hydro systems as stated above. We adjusted our activity to the new measures and we are not stopping until we achieve our objectives. Regarding the future, we have high expectations in an increase both for flooring and hydro systems because of remodelling of workspaces. Also, we expect an increase in public sector investments that will generate an increase for EMS FLOOR GROUP as well.

What transformations you expect in your sector, their effects for the Romanian economy and in a regional perspective?

While it is, obviously, hard to forecast the transformation of the market in the next period, what we do know today is that the activity will not be the same. If there will be support through investments at a regional, national and European level, we have all the chances to go in a positive direction. The Romanian market both on epoxy flooring and hydro systems is far from reaching its full potential, we expect for the Covid context to move the things  forward.

What is your message to clients and partners?

All partnerships at this moment are great since we’ve all joined forces in these difficult moments, starting with the clients, providers, collaborators and employees. If everyone performs based on healthy values and honesty and join forces, we will always overcome any obstacles together. Although continuing activity at an European level seems to be a great challenge these days, companies like EMS are brave and they move the society forward.


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