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[Enjoy Transylvania!] Covasna county – Land of Mineral Water

Water, one of life’s fundamental elements, can be found in a very wide range in our region. Due to the volcanic activities that took place tens of thousands of years ago, the Eastern range of the Carpathian Mountains is home to mineral water and mofetta gas, hidden deep underground.

According to the different sorts of mineralization, you will meet various types of fizzy and still mineral water: they differ in colour (brownish, yellowish, lime-white), smell (sulphurous, ferruginous), and taste (ferruginous, salty). You can try them bottled or directly from the source (mineral water spring).

Drinking cures can ease gastric problems and bowel complaints, while bathing cures help in treating cardiovascular diseases. For drinking cures look for the fol­lowing bottled mineral waters: Malnas-Aqua Telluris, Benkő-Regina and Vâlcele.

Small mineral water basins can be found in the forest or in the glades. Be careful: the water of these traditional Szekler mineral water baths is cold, but is perfect to refresh yourself on a hot summer day!

Besides waters, volcanic repercussion is also present through mofettas (CO2 bath), a key factor for healing circulatory diseases. Being heavier than air, the uprushing CO2 is captured in pits and used for healing purposes. Patients are taking a mofetta whilst standing or sitting. A cure lasts approx. 15-20 minutes, while the CO2 takes its effect through the skin. Due to vasodilation, the patients’ blood circulation is enhanced and blood pressure is lowered. Indicated in cases of vasoconstriction and high blood pressure.

Replenish Yourself in Covasna Resort!

Enjoy the picturesque landscape trekking in the Fairy Valley while you are relaxing and healing. Be the guest of any of the hotels in Covasna Resort for a refreshing treatment!

The Covasna Method is a unique healing method whose benefits can be availed only in Covasna Resort. The inventor, Géza Benedek MD, combined traditional healing procedures with the beneficial effects of natural resources of Covasna. The method is based on the use of mineral water, mofetta, negative-ion-rich air, low-fat and low-salt diet, regular exercise and active relaxation. The aim is to overcome classical risk factors through blood-pressure regularization, giving up smoking and overcoming obesity through exercise.

Clermont Hotel awaits you with Health Centre and Beauty Centre. “Stress is for others” is developed for active, young people, with straining professions that affect them neuropsychically. “For a healthy heart” is recommended for people suffer­ing from cardiovascular diseases and arterial hypertension. www.clermonthotel.ro

Hotel TTS is all about spa & wellness and treatments. Here, wellness means not only pool, sauna and salt room, but a healthy lifestyle, harmony, energy, relaxation and well-being; wellness in pure harmony with the body, mind and soul. Balneo­theraphy is also available. www.hotelttscovasna.ro

You can also relax and let yourself be pampered in the the Grand Santerra Spa of the Grand Hotel Balvanyos at Balvanyoș Resort or in the Cellarium Slow Down Spa of the Castle Hotel Daniel at Tălișoara.

Remember! Recreation is one of our fundamental rights, essential to give harmony to our body and soul.

(From the special edition of TB 86 – „ENJOY TRANSYLVANIA!” – May/June 2019)

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