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[Enjoy Transylvania!] The tourist attractions of Băile Figa and Sîngeorz-Băi (Figa and Sîngeorz Baths)

Situated downstream of the Someșul Mare confluence with Șieu River, in the border area of the Transylvanian Plain and Someşan Plateau, not far from Ţibleş, Rodna and Călimani Mountains, Beclean is the second large city in Bistriţa-Năsăud County, due to Figa resort, which becamea part of the city’s territory, the main tourist attraction of the area.

After about 5 km journey, this is the distance from the center of Beclean to Figa, the tourist will arrive at a superb spa treatment base. with lots of green spaces, playgrounds, sandy and grass beaches, a spa center, indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, two freshwater swimming pools and two salt water pools, a rustic mud pool, a waterfall, a salt lake and a lazy river that tourists can explore with life belts and inflatable boats.

“In 2018, 172,000 tourists visited Băile Figa, and the number tends to increase from one year to another. I know that this compels us to keep a high standard and we will continue working as usually. Moreover, for the near future the construction of new slides is already in progress, which will be the most spectacular”, Nicolae Moldovan, Mayor of Beclean, considers.

Since Băile Figa have been opened, about 9 years ago, 1.6 million people entered the gates of the spa complex. Last season, the large heated water pool and the hot water pool specially created for children were the last season’s novelties.

People with rheumatic diseases can try the salty water pool or the rustic pool, fitted with wood intertwines, where they can take a perfect sludge from, to start a treatment for the relief of rheumatic diseases, the peripheral nervous system, the locomotor system, and even gynecological disorders. It is worth mentioning that the properties of salted water and sludge are like those of Techirghiol (Constanța County).

For those who intend to exercise, the resort provides three grounds arranged with synthetic lawns, a football and two tennis fields, and a fitness center that can be used inside the SPA center.

Over 1,000 accommodation places in tourist cottages, guesthouses and holiday cottages are provided for tourists, which allows them to make longer stays, one-week holidays perhaps.

If we are talking about the balneary tourism, we must mention that the Sîngeorz-Băi resort is also situated in this county.

Located at the foot of the Rodna Mountains, in a fairytale landscape, the resort of Sîngeorz-Băi is renowned for the healing mineral waters coming from the numerous springs in the area, having been designated a balneary-climatic resort since the 17th century.

These waters cure digestive system diseases (gastritis, ulcer, chronic constipation), cholecystitis, degenerative rheumatism, chronic pancreatitis, obesity, chronic hepatitis and even gout with manifestations in the joints.

Moreover, it is said that these mineral waters have healing effect, like those of Vichy and Karlovy Vary.

The “Ballet dancers” of Beclean

Let’s return a little to Beclean.

In addition to the activities the resort provides, tourists can also visit the Beclean Herghelia (Horse Farm), three kilometers away from the town of Beclean, a horse farm that stretches over 220 hectares and shelters horses of the Lipiţan and Semigreu Romanian breeds. Horseback riding lessons are provided at the horse farm, and carriage rides or horseback riding can be done on the hills surrounding the resort.

An endurance stage and the one-, two- and four-horse harness championship are taking place here annually in the frame of the Romsilva Cup.

Lipiţan Race originates from Lipica, Slovenia, and these equine animals are considered the ballet dancers in the horses’ world due to their gracious performance of complicated training movements. The Lipiţans can be seen in action at the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria, as well.

We do not have enough space to write about this surprising county. We should mention the Valea Vinului (Wine Valley), Rodna Mountains National Park, the country’s second national park, the spectacular landscape of the Călimani Mountains National Park, biodiversity and the variegated tulip, the medieval fortress of Rodna, attested in 1235 in the Russian chronicles that valued it for its mining complex of great importance, about …

About people and places

But you know what!? Visit Bistrița-Năsăud to personally discover the tradition, culture, history and beauty oasis hidden between mountains and valleys, in this spectacular county!

(From the special edition of TB 86 – „ENJOY TRANSYLVANIA!” – May/June 2019)

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