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Symbiosy by HB Reavis deploys smart workspaces for bp in Agora Budapest

Symbiosy, a technology and sensory platform developed by international workspace provider HB Reavis, has signed a contract with the global energy company bp to provide its comprehensive smart office solution in bp’s 20,000 sq m future office in the Agora Hub building. The service will turn the Hungarian office into one of bp’s most advanced workspaces globally.

Employees’ office experience will be boosted based on advanced insights

More than 200 environmental sensors for temperature, CO2 level and humidity will collect and analyse data in bp’s new office in Budapest, Hungary to support business operation and the effective use of space in the post-pandemic office world. All the further workspace improvements that Symbiosy recommends to bp will be based on deep insights into the particular business premises in the Agora Hub building and the employees who work there. Bp continues to encourage people to work from home and wherever possible for the foreseeable future. When colleagues can return to work safely, their individual work styles will be supported by Symbiosy. It will help bp discover the exact needs of its employees and adjust the workspace so that everyone can find a place that supports his or her productivity. With Symbiosy, bp will be able to follow the collected data in real time thanks to a digital twin of its office. The insights into how spaces are used and how people interact, which are considered key metrics for evaluating the interventions that increase performance and wellbeing, are to be shared with bp’s teams and colleagues directly from the platform on a regular basis. This new Symbiosy technology boosts the overall workspace experience by discovering the exact needs of individual employees to create enjoyment and support productivity. It ensures the most effective use of every part of the office – for example with its smart meeting room management system. Employee wellbeing and performance are also boosted by insights on meeting patterns and effectiveness – it helps to set and achieve meeting efficiency targets by evaluating multiple parameters such as meeting length, size and booking habits. The solution also comes with a function that allows employees to find a specific place within the workspace based on personal preferences: personal environmental preferences, availability, capacity, amenities and privacy. bp employees will be able to enjoy a seamless journey from wherever they enter the office thanks to optional facial recognition.

Symbiosis of people and spaces

HB Reavis strategically pursues people-centric workspace development that bears employees in mind throughout the whole building process, from design through completion to operation. Symbiosis is the underlying concept of it all, with direct relation to the service’s name – Symbiosy. HB Reavis delivers projects where people and buildings interact and beneficially influence each other. The workspace reflects the preferences of the people who spend time in it and it makes their working days easier, more enjoyable and more productive.

Symbiosy doesn’t take full control or prevent people from setting any preferences themselves. It is a friendly and supportive technology. Every employee can add his or her own input, through which Symbiosy learns and evolves to adjust the functions of the office to be as smooth and intuitive to use as possible.

Boosted Wellbeing by More

Symbiosy will be complemented by other services from HB Reavis’s “More”. These services will bring additional value to the spaces, potentially reducing absenteeism and lowering company costs by utilising wellbeing elements like community events, free bike sharing, other enjoyable benefits and advanced asset management. Opting for such a complex workplace solution shows bp’s immense care for the wellbeing, overall health and happiness of its employees, 2,000 of whom will be based in the new Budapest office in Agora Hub. Scheduled to open in September 2020, employees will be introduced to the Symbiosy platform with a friendly onboarding experience that allows new users to explore and learn about their new office space.

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