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Bucharest- skyline transformation 2025: The iconic SkyTower

“We want to inspire and be inspired by our community. We value greatly the business and social communities we created around SkyTower” – Adriana Dragoescu, CEO RPHI Romania

Looking back, what strategic arguments ensured the landmark status of SkyTower? And which were the challenges that became obsolete once the project was delivered?

From the beginning, SkyTower was designed to become an iconic building, the business card of its field. As the construction of SkyTower started, back in 2008, we secured a new office building concept and architectural innovation in Romania. It has outlined the development path for the central business district for more than a decade and is currently at the centre of the development of this area. The project itself is still proof of courage and confidence on the local market, considering it broke ground in 2012, when the real estate market and the local economy were going through a difficult period, just recovering from the shock of the financial crisis. Moreover, this iconic building was built at an astonishing rate of five days per floor, using a modern technology often used in the case of skyscrapers. This was one of the challenges we had to face. Much more challenging was dealing with the development of the business community in and around the tower, networking development and the harmonious growth of this relationship. But in the end, it was all worth it. We are proud with everything we have achieved once the building reached for the sky.

Published in an exclusive, investment destination – oriented, market tour: “Bucharest – the skyline transformation by 2025” – Read: here

How would you characterize the evolution of the business atmosphere in and around SkyTower, what milestones were achieved during the last years, what do tenants expect? How important is the project for RPHI?

We value greatly the business and social communities we created around SkyTower so far through all the actions and projects we designed and implemented like, for example, the SkyCreatives program – an open-source program for young artists to whom we offer an iconic location to express their work and creativity. The launch of SkyCreatives is only a step in SkyTower’s strategy to support and develop both artistic and business communities. Moreover, in order to support our tenants’ employees’ communication and connection even during these sensitive times, we have implemented Spaceflow, a mobile app exclusively dedicated to SkyTower tenants, offering a fast-digital connection to a variety of services and facilities that create synergies and keep the community life vibrant. We want to inspire and be inspired by our community. We grew together and achieved the maturity stage. We always addressed our community’s needs, trying our best to offer them specific solutions to their requests.

How do you asses the evolution of the real estate market in Romania, is sky still the limit in CEE and what can we expect from RPHI in the near future?

2020 was a challenging year, spread out under attributes such as forced changes, adaptability, responsibility, and decency in actions. Despite the economic and social impact of the pandemic, the local real estate market is attractive and presents investment opportunities, as we have seen in the large transactions closed this year.  The upward trend will continue with nationally and regionally new investments and real estate projects. As for RPHI, our strategy is firstly to continue the SkyTower development in Romania. However, if new opportunities will arise, we will assess them case by case.

Facing the challenges raised by new regulations, technologies, patterns of work and economic models – which strengths define the future success of SkyTower?

SkyTower has its inherent strengths, that helped transform it in this iconic and landmark business office in Romania. We value them and, moreover, we let ourselves be inspired by our communities’ ideas and lifestyle. This is our growth path – inspire, be inspired, innovate, and further develop the business environment and the community.

Which are the objectives of the new management team, and the planned programs for the business environment and the community in 2021?

Our main objective is to continue the development of SkyTower business and communities in Romania.  In this line, we will further invest in innovation and projects developed to support our growth strategy.

Published in an exclusive, investment destination – oriented, market tour: “Bucharest – the skyline transformation by 2025” – Read: here

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