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Main topic – new business models at Transport Logistic online

  • Top speakers will present digitalization processes within logistics
  • Conference program and company sessions from and with over 60 notable partners, associations and companies
  • transport logistic Online will address all players in the logistics industry
The digital transformation is causing dramatic structural change in both society and the economy. Due to the points of contact with nearly all industries, this development also has a significant effect on the transport and logistics sector. For that reason, in addition to innovative technologies, this area will also be characterized by new business models in future. From May 04 to 06, 2021 the digital symposium for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management will offer an overview of the current topics and challenges in the industry.
Whether it’s in inventory management, transport or production, the influence of digitalization on the logistics industry is growing every year. However, if they are to have a successful digital transformation, companies need to continually optimize their processes and also develop attractive business models. But how digital is the transport and logistics industry today? Top speakers and global players will be exchanging views on this at transport logistic Online in keynotes and discussion rounds.
More than 25 conference presentations on the topic of “new business models”
The effects of the digital transformation are visible to varying degrees in the logistics industry. Representatives from InstaFreight, Sennder, Lexzau Scharbau (Leschaco) and Accenture will illuminate the ways digitalization affects the individual elements of the supply chain from different perspectives in the discussion round “Platform economy—freight forwarding of the future.”
The level of digitalization in transport and logistics is one of the most discussed topics in the industry. An overview of the status will be given in the panel discussion “Logistics can do digitalization: Where the future is already reality” with participants from Beumer Group, Volkswagen Group Logistics and AEB.
The buzzword “platform freight forwarding” often crops up in connection with digitalization. The differences between these offerings and established freight forwarders, as well as the challenges for the industry that generally result from this will be presented in the conference presentation “New vs. old—are platform providers the better freight forwarders?”
The presentation “Silicon economy—no problem, no business” presents a potential future scenario. It is expected that in five years’ time, logistics companies of every size will have the opportunity to fully automate their business activities—from ordering to invoicing to transport.
Company Sessions with notable industry representatives
In addition to the extensive conference program of transport logistic Online, participants will be able to learn about individual companies in Company Sessions on a personal, targeted basis. Among others, Seaports Niedersachsen will be participating in this form of digital matchmaking and networking.
As one of the most important trading hubs in Germany, digitalization plays a very important role there—as managing director André Heim emphasizes: “The high innovation and optimization potential in processes relating to goods handling and the logistical processes in ports can only be achieved through new digital services and process innovations, and thoroughly utilizing their intelligent interconnectivity.”
Messe München received broad support from the exhibitors for their decision to implement transport logistic online this year. Jörg Conrad, owner of Lexzau Scharbau (Leschaco), praised this step, saying: “The digital format of transport logistic offers our industry an important platform for networking and information exchange in times when trade fairs and field visits are not possible.”
Additional key topics at transport logistic Online are:
• Sustainability: Alternative drives, optimizing the supply chain
• Coronavirus: Effects on the logistics industry
All players invited
The transport logistic Online conference addresses all players in the logistics industry: Startup-founders, young professionals, decision-makers and experts as well as CEOs from companies and corporations. All those who want to take part can receive free access to the online platform by registering at www.transportlogistic.de. During the online conference, participants can switch back and forth between the presentations and sessions they’re interested in. 30 top companies will also offer individual, one-hour-long company sessions.
Detailed information on the conference program and the individual presentations can be found at www.transportlogistic.de/konferenzprogramm.
transport logistic will once again take place as a physical trade fair from May 09 to 12, 2023 on the exhibition grounds in Munich.
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