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Join – Built Environment Mixer by PropertyTalents, 25th of May

Bucharest edition, 25t of May, La Bibliotecă Herăstrău, 18:00 – 22:00

This is a historical debut event not to miss for proffesionals active in the Built Environment Sector that would also like to mix & mingle. With the BE crowd on a warm Bucharest night. Music, drinks, lottery, and networking are all on the house! An event organized by PropertyTalents Events Team.

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Master of the Mixer for the night: Razvan Badea:

Razvan is a knowledgeable EU Built Environment Advisor for Career & Company Development, with over 2 years of experience at the European level He joined PropertyTalents in 2020 and focused his efforts on delivering tailor-made solutions for his clients, helping them grow and strengthen their teams and improve their businesses in Poland, Czechia, The Netherlands, Romania, and even international group-level. Razvan actively implemented and contributed to PropertyTalents’ mission on a daily basis, adding value to our Candidates’ careers, to our Clients’ business, and, in the end to the target market. Having a long-term vision, he can deeply understand a client’s business, goals, and needs and offers proper solutions. His straightforward communication style, attention to detail, and willingness to go the extra mile earned him the reputation of a strong advisor to both clients and candidates. Email: razvan.badea@propertytalents.com

PropertyTalents was founded in 2009 by a forward thinking founder who recognised that there is a serious disconnect between the traditional recruitment sector and the “built environment” industry. PropertyTalents aims not to be your typical recruitment company. It is a flexible, innovative organisation which values lateral thinking and fresh approaches to help you meet your needs.

The end result of this ambitious strategy is a new type of specialized recruitment company, one specializing in talent and the built environment. Since its formation, PropertyTalents has been helping companies across a range of fields find exceptional candidates, and helping candidates throughout the world find high-level jobs. See more – www.propertytalents.com

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