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ROatExpoReal | Developing communities, next level, the ADLO objective

The total of private investments attracted in the industrial parks in Oradea, until now, is 550 million euros, of which 140 million euros will be attracted in 2022, which will generate a total number of 10,000 jobs by 2024.

Below, a top 7 projects and opportunities for 2022-2024.


An article part of the cover story in TB 111 magazine – “Oradea: Business Next Level & LifeNouveau” available here.


The investments made in recent years in Oradea have made the city situated along the Crisul Repede River one of the most attractive cities in Western Romania for investors. Many internationally renowned companies have recently chosen to invest in industrial parks in Oradea, benefiting from numerous facilities and support from the city hall. The largest investment attracted so far by the Oradea Local Development Agency S.A. (ADLO in Romanian) in the industrial parks of Oradea is amounted to 125,000,000 Euro. Andreas STIHL AG&Co. KG. from Germany, signed to build in Oradea, in the Euobusiness I Industrial Park, on Calea Borsului, a new production facility on a land area of approximately 147,000 square meters.


Industrial parks, more opportunities in the county

The Oradea Local Development Agency SA received six industrial park titles, four locations being situated in Oradea: on Calea Borsului (145 ha) – Oradea Eurobusiness Industrial Park I, Ogorului Street (80.19 ha) – Oradea Eurobusiness Industrial Park II, Uzinelor Street – Eurobusiness Industrial Park Oradea III (17.8 ha), and Corneliu Baba Street – Eurobusiness Industrial Park Oradea IV (6.5 ha), respectively for two sites located in Bihor County, the Sacueni Industrial Park (5.03 ha) and the Tileagd Industrial Park (9.22 ha). The industrial parks offer all the necessary utilities, at competitive prices, Oradea also being licensed in the distribution of electricity. The implementation of some development projects and the provision of new facilities have been completed, among which we mention: International School of Oradea; Eurobusiness Vocational School – dual system schooling; Nursery and kindergarten in EBP I (Industrial Park I); Complex of integrated services in EBP I – business accommodation spaces, fitness room, medical services, public catering services, conference room and electric charging station for cars.

Make IT in Oradea

Make IT in Oradea is a non-profit initiative developed by several local companies with a technological and IT profile alongside the local administration. Purpose: stimulation, development, promotion of local IT&C talent and creative startups. Currently, Make IT in Oradea develops and oversees the evolution of the first incubation program in Oradea, with the aim of forming, discovering, stimulating, and financing innovative startups in the field of technology. The incubator’s annual budget is 300,000 euros and is provided by the local authorities with the sole purpose of stimulating and attracting creative and innovative people to Oradea.

Establishment of new industrial route in Bihor County

Objectives: attracting investors to the less developed areas of Bihor County, creating new jobs for the local community, developing local communities from an economic, social and educational point of view.

Business incubator

The business incubator, named „Cresc Oradea Mare”, will host companies from the creative fields such as software development for design, creation, animation and others. According to the project, at the end of the works, in July 2023, the building will host 20 offices for start-ups, 30 open-space workspaces, 6 workshops and support spaces for the hosted companies, event and training rooms, on St. Louis Pasteur Street No. 28 (the building of the former Hospital no. 5), construction area 2,200 sqm, a project with a value of 3.6 million euros. Main objective: to support newly established companies and those with a short history of operation (maximum 2 years) in order to launch on the market some products or services that correspond to the creative sector. The incubator will offer business support services (e.g. legal, financial) and SME guidance services to various existing financing programs, identification of partners, promotion of their services and products.

Science and Technology Park

It will be realized on Ceyrat Street No. 4, in the vicinity of the University of Oradea, on an area of 5,417.78 sqm, following an investment of 7 million euros and has as its general objective the creation of an infrastructure for innovation and technological transfer in Bihor County in order to increase innovation in companies in the fields of chosen intelligent specialization and implicitly for the purpose of economic development. Partners in the „Establishment of Bihor Science and Technology Park” project: Bihor County Council, University of Oradea, Bihor Science and Technology Park Society and Oradea Local Development Agency S.A.

Housing for employees in industrial parks in Oradea

The housing complex for the employees of the industrial parks will be built near the industrial platforms. Commuter employees will be able to benefit from these homes. To provide support to all companies in their struggle to retain and attract new workforce, ADLO is building 3 new units of 65 apartments/unit to be rented by local companies. The first building will be completed by the end of 2022.

Development of an intermodal transport hub with easy access to road and rail transport in the station area.


  • streamlining freight transport and improving the impact of transport on the environment and traffic safety,
  • decongestion of road transport by reducing the number of road accidents, the level of noxes emitted by motor vehicles and the noise threshold in the city,
  • the socio-economic development of the area both through revenues to the local budget and through the creation of new jobs.Specifically, the project will offer:
  • accesses (road from DN1/E60 and railway)
  • railway lines
  • roads and platforms for road-rail transfer and container storage
  • short- and medium-term storage hall for conventional goods
  • public utility infrastructure
  • administrative buildings and a service area for employees and drivers (hotel, toilets, showers)
  • green spaces.

Cargo Terminal

The Bihor County Council together with the Municipality of Oradea through the Oradea Local Council, with the Oradea Local Development Agency S.A. and with R.A. Oradea Airport developed a partnership agreement with the investment objective of building a cargo terminal that will be located at Oradea Airport. The realization of this investment will ensure optimal conditions for the air transport of the products needed by Oradea companies in the production process that are brought from long distances. The project was awarded through a tender to the international developer and investor CTP, which started building the project this spring, with ADLO ensuring access to the utilities in the Industrial Park II and support in terms of promoting the project. The Cargo Terminal will be operational starting from September 2022, fully functional at the end of 2023 on Umbrei Street No. 4, Oradea – connected to the Oradea Airport, near Industrial Park II, on an area of 14.4 ha, 3 buildings will be delivered totaling 60,000 sqm.

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