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Unlock the potential of contaminated sites with ‘LockedIn®’ soil stabilization

On 21st and 23rd of November 2022, ATG Group, in association with The British Romanian Chamber of Commerce, will deliver two environmental and remediation seminars in both Cluj and Timisoara, sharing best practice on how to release the potential of brownfield sites.

With a legacy of heavily contaminated sites across Central and Eastern Europe, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, is focusing on increasing the use of brownfield sites, as well as replacing landfill with sustainable waste management solutions.

In the context of brownfield, developers, however, are faced with the challenge of making use of contaminated land profitably, with most well-located sites deemed unusable due to long-term neglect and contamination.

Environmental and construction services company, ATG Group, has developed a unique solution to this problem; the ‘LockedIn®’ soil stabilization technique.

LockedIn® uses chemical compounds to change the physical makeup of polluted soil, locking the contaminants in, and permanently preventing them from being a risk.

Company Founder and CEO, Dr. Mark McKinney said, “LockedIn® allows you to reuse contaminated soils on-site after treatment and validation. Re-using soil significantly reduces costs for developers and lowers the environmental impact by removing the need for landfill.  Using this process, our clients across the UK, Ireland, and the Baltics, have seen savings entering the millions of £s/€s.”

ATG Group will bring solutions to environmental challenges to this part of Europe from December 2022. The new headquarters will be headed up by S-P O’Mahony, formerly an Irish diplomat in Hungary and Romania, Marketing Director at British Airways, and at Heraldist, a Marketing Agency based in Cluj.

S-P said, “With a new headquarters in Romania, we are in a great position to address the tremendous opportunities across the region. By transforming waste into a resource that can be used on-site, LockedIn® will be a game changer for the construction industry in Romania, Hungary and beyond.”

Seminar partners also include Faber, Lutz & Associates, and Project A Architects.  Come along to one of the seminars in either Cluj or Timisoara to hear more about how to release the potential of your development site.

Cluj Seminar – 21st November 

Timisoara Seminar – 23rd November 

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