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Impact Awards 2024 at Expo Real Munich 2024

Expo Real and European Proptech Association have joined forces to bring forward the Impact Awards 2024,

Organized for the first time in the rich history of Expo Real, the Impact Awards 2024 aim to give visibility and support to the most impactful projects of real estate and construction companies, as well as to innovative companies in real estate technology. These pan-European Awards are supported by leading industry partners and the European institutions, with a clear mission to become the reference competition in Impact.

The real estate industry faces key challenges in view of the requirements for decarbonizing the property portfolio, digitalization and demographic changes. Transform & Beyond by EXPO REAL now provides an area dedicated to these future and transformation topics in Hall A3 of EXPO REAL, taking place in Munich from October 7 to 9, 2024.

The competition has two separate tracks:

  • track 1 for the most innovative impactful tech solutions
  • track 2 for the most impactful projects in real estate and construction (2023-2024).

More details, timeline, criteria, etc – here

The track of the competition for innovative impactful tech solutions is supported, under the umbrella of StartUp Europe Awards, by the European Commission, the President of the European Parliament, the President of the Committee of the Regions, the Vice-President of the Economic and Social Committee and several members of the European Parliament.

The New European Bauhaus principles: leitmotiv for the Impact Awards 2024

Stating ESG metrics is one thing, generating and measuring true impact is however a completely different approach. The Impact Awards 2024 are focused on Impact: the measured generated positive effect of the projects or solutions on people and the planet.

The Impact Awards 2024 enjoy the support of 70 C-level executives in real estate, construction and technology, as well as professionals from the European Commission, which guarantees a balanced and truly objective validation of the most impactful projects or ventures in Europe.

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) has become a central pillar within the EU Green Deal since January 2024. ExpoReal and the European PropTech Association are honored to have Miss Alina UJUPAN, Director of the NEB, as a keynote speaker on October 7th, 2024.

We have therefore aligned the criteria of the Impact Awards 2024 with the principles of the NEB: “Beautiful, Sustainable, Together”.

Based on the principles of the New European Bauhaus (NEB): “Beautiful, Sustainable, Together”, the applicants will be evaluated by 70 C-level executives from the real estate and construction industry, based on the following criteria.

Consideration will be given to how solutions and projects practically interact with the most recent regulations such as SFDR, CSRD, EPBD, CSDDD, ESRS…


Jessica Swoboda, Deputy Project Manager of EXPO REAL, explains the new area: “Transform & Beyond by EXPO REAL is THE place at EXPO REAL that brings together the future topics of the construction and real estate industry. There is also a new design with different stand packages and individual stand spaces, panel participation, pitches, and special themed days.”

Companies with industry-compatible solutions and products for decarbonizing existing buildings, for smart buildings, for AI & robotics, for energy management solutions for districts, for space management and user communication, or for cleantech solutions can exhibit. This area also offers start-ups and scale-ups the opportunity to present their innovative and forward-looking solutions and products to the industry and test their practical suitability. They then have the chance within the EXPO REAL network to identify other companies and develop holistic solutions together with the real estate industry.

The concept of Transform & Beyond by EXPO REAL is supplemented by a broad-based conference program that addresses the topics of sustainability in existing buildings, sustainable construction, digitalization and innovations in the real estate industry, and much more. Solution tours will also be offered to provide orientation for EXPO REAL participants.

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