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Opening of the T2 satellite

The new satellite facility for Munich Airport’s Terminal 2 will be commissioned on April 26, 2016. That date has now been finalized by Munich Airport and Lufthansa. The additional handling capacity for a total of 11 million passengers per year will boost the overall capacity of Terminal 2 to 36 million. As one of the world’s most advanced airport terminal facilities, the satellite will transform the passenger experience and offer a new level of comfort.

Over the last three months, the final preparations will proceed full speed ahead. The sprint to the finish line will include the installation of technical equipment and interior work in the retail and dining areas. Next, in mid-March, businesses and government agencies will start moving into their stores and offices in the satellite terminal. This means transporting an estimated 5,400 cubic meters of furnishings and materials into the building – enough to fill 900 moving vans. Before the launch of operations, the various zones in the building must gain the status of secure areas, subject to the same regulations and access controls as the existing terminals.

Until mid-March, “integration test operations” will also be taking place. This will involve 20 days of testing to simulate all passenger handling processes with a total of about 2,800 test passengers. For each of the two biggest test runs, 500 “extras” will be on hand to play the role of airline passengers. The tests will evaluate such aspects as ease of navigation for passengers finding their way in the new building, completion of the boarding and transfer process in the envisaged time frame, and the effectiveness of the signage. The lessons learned from the test operations will be used during the final preparations to eliminate any glitches or other issues in the lead-up to the official launch.

Like Terminal 2, Munich Airport and Lufthansa are jointly responsible for the satellite’s construction, financing and operation in a 60:40 joint venture. The Munich architectural firm Koch + Partner, which designed the original Terminal 2, was again selected for the design and general planning of the satellite. The new facility will give Munich Airport 27 new gate positions where passengers can board aircraft directly without bus transportation. As the first midfield terminal at a German airport, the new satellite has no public access. Check-in will take place in Terminal 2. Passengers will then undergo passport screening and hand baggage checks before boarding an underground personal transport system that will take them to the satellite terminal in less than a minute. There they will find the full range of services and passenger handling facilities as well as extensive shopping and dining options.

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