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Global Connection General Coordinator Onur Taysu is attending the G-20 Summit

 Taysu will be representing Turkey at the G-20 Youth Summit
Global Connection General Coordinator Onur Taysu has been invited to represent Turkey at the G-20 Youth Summit, which will be held in France.
The Advisory Board of the G-20Y Association invites participants through a process of selection. This year, 100 young executive leaders under the age of 45 will be attending the summit.
 Global Connection General Coordinator Onur Taysu has been invited to participate in the annual G-20 Youth Summit, which will take place in Evian, France between 27 September – 1 October. Taysu will be representing Turkey at the summit.
The G-20 Youth Summit will host 100 young executive leaders under the age of 45, representing the G-20, which is comprised of the world’s 19 largest economies and the European Commission.
The G-20 Youth Summit, which functions in coordination with the G-20 International Committee, will take place from September 27 to October 1, for five days. The young executive leaders who will participate in the G-20 Youth Summit are selected exclusively by the Advisory Board of the G-20Y Association.
Innovative executives open to new ideas…
The Summit invites young executives “who are open to change, who can adapt to innovation, and who are ready to listen to other inspirational leaders for new ideas and synergies”.
Onur Taysu, who is the General Coordinator of the Switzerland-based Global Connection International Media Group – which was established to contribute to the international promotion of Turkey and to offer a platform for different cultures and countries to interact–  has also been invited to the summit by the abovementioned Advisory Board.
Taysu has been directing the Turkey – Discover the Potential (TDP) campaign, which is one of the most important and far-reaching publicity campaigns promoting Turkey.
Taysu, who has planned and put into effect promotional campaigns for many different industries –most notably the citrus industry, the ready-made clothing industry, the machinery industry and the tourism industry– has also shown leadership after the “plane crisis” between Turkey and Russia, when he headed the preparations for the Turkey-Russia Media Forum, which was the largest and most important civil initiative between the two countries.
As the leader of the team who organized the International Media Forum in Turkey, which took place in May of this year and which was attended by influential journalists from 50 countries, Taysu will also be heading the second Turkey-Russia Media Forum which will take place between October 8-12.
This year’s summit will be held in Evian, France and the sessions will focus upon the Energy Markets Committee, the Food Security & Nutrition Committee, the Global Financial Industry Committee, the Creating Jobs Committee and the Digital Innovation and Transformation Committee.

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