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Sonaca Aerospace Transylvania has started the developing of its activities on S200 aircraft and is recruiting new employees

Sonaca Aerospace Transylvania (SAT), the romanian subsidiary of the belgian aerospace equipment manufacturer Sonaca, has achieved one full year of production and will continue to grow with onboarding new products. On this occasion, considering that we are working in collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space, starting from the end of 2018 we will support the production of the prototypes of the new Ariane 6 space launcher. Therewith, Sonaca Aerospace Transylvania (SAT) will begin the production of the Sonaca 200, the new generation, two-seater, certified aircraft which combines flight performance and cost-effectiveness, starting from July 2019. This new aircraft development has been performed in close collaboration with the end-users, so as to fulfill flight school, aeroclub and private pilot’s unmet needs. The Sonaca 200 is a low-wing, full metallic aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 750kg. Its conventional structure is composed of advanced aluminum alloy frames, stringers and sheets, which will provide very effective corrosion protection. Already active in the production of composite parts and the assembly of A320 slats, Sonaca Aerospace Transylvania will support the sub-assembly of the Sonaca 200. In order to meet this new challenge and support the development of its activities, SAT is strengthening its teams and is currently recruiting new employees.
About Sonaca Aircraft
Sonaca Aircraft is a new subsidiary of Sonaca Group, major actor in the development, production and assembly of advanced aircraft destined for the civil, military and spatial markets. With a start-up capital of more than 2 million euros, Sonaca Aircraft is owned at 65% by the aeronautical supplier Sonaca. Sonaca Aircraft’s primary objective is to develop, certify and commercialize a new two-seater aircraft (« Sonaca 200 ») specifically designed and adapted for training and leisure flights. More information on:
About Sonaca
The Sonaca Group is active in the development, manufacturing and assembly of aircraft for the aerospace, civil, military and space markets. The company’s headquarters is located in Gosselies, Belgium. Its 5000 employees work throughout its subsidiaries or production sites located in Canada, United States, Brazil, Mexico, England, China, Romania, Sri Lanka and Germany. The Group also offers engineering services and has recently introduced a flight school aircraft, the Sonaca 200.
Sonaca 200: Technical specifications and price
• BRP Rotax 914 F – 115 hp
• Number of seats: 2
• Wing span: 9,15 m
• Length: 7 m
• Empty weight: 445 kg
• Maximal mass at take-off: 750 kg
• Fuel capacity: 140 l (2 x 70 l)
• Max cruise speed: 115 knots
• Climb rate: 750 feet per minute
• Aluminum alloy
• 18 l/hour
• Price: 175 000 Euros

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