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AECTRA Plastics: Staying tuned for more

AECTRA Plastics, company of Hromatka Group, a widely appreciated brand in the Romanian market, will reach another milestone for its 2020 business commitments. By the end of October the company will make an important official announcement related to the long term agreement that will signed in the next days.

The agreement will formalize the products supply with one of the biggest European producer and world leader in product innovation. Being recognized for its long lasting partnerships with world renowned producers, AECTRA Plastics is making a big leap in the world of product innovation. The company will follow the new product developments, the future and the trends in the industry and moreover will create new markets. The business philosophy behind this is that AECTRA Plastics will address the market with new applications and with new product recipes in order to build the demand for the new products. Benefiting from more than 20 years of experience in the field of polymer distribution, the test over time for a constant grow was only possible with permanent preoccupation for new: new markets, new products, new applications and future trends. Stay tuned for more…

Another step in the same direction following product innovation, bringing the newness to the market and the imperative market need for a circular economy, AECTRA Plastics Romania is set to become a trend setter in the region. As of 2020 the company became the first and the only one polymer distributor with ISCC Plus certification for the Romanian market. International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a globally applicable sustainability certification system that cover all sustainable feedstocks, including agricultural and forestry biomass, biogenic wastes and residues, circular materials and renewables. Moving a step further, AECTRA Plastics together with its main supplier, is working on a new market to address to with sustainable polymers produced from bio feedstocks, feedstocks that have a zero impact on the environment as there is no carbon footprint for producing such. After obtaining the ISCC Plus certification the company is able to issue zero carbon footprint certificates for the special polymer product range, polymers that are addressing to industrial applications, to agricultural applications, to pharma and cosmetics applications. Building the market for such product is an objective and a goal that turned into a group philosophy so that Hromatka Group with its companies in all territories throughout Europe is following the same and going for ISCC Plus certification.

New products, new markets, new product recipes are only possible with right now product availability. The brand new platform logistic of AECTRA Plastics Romania being the newest addition to the Hromatka Group state of the art warehouses completes the logistic network thought from the very beginning and created to link without interruption the entire European territory from West Europe in Portugal (Atlantic Ocean) to East Europe (Black Sea). Product availability with express delivery from own warehouse with a dispatch of 72 hours to door delivery, when lead times are usually between 2 weeks up to 4 weeks with a proper management of the supply chain, is allowing AECTRA Plastics to future strengthen its position as Preferred Supplier of Polymer Solution in the polyolefin distribution market.

AECTRA Plastics – Way Forward

(Published in print edition TB 97 – September/October 2020)

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