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Who is exhibiting in the Romanian pavilion at Expo Real Munich 2022

Covering an exhibition area of more than 72.000 sqm, with more than 2.000 and 46.000 visitors representing all continents and almost all countries of the world, EXPO REAL is the biggest European business platform for real estate and investments, hosting the entire real estate industry worldwide. The three-day trade fair takes place in Munich every October, just next to the Oktoberfest—and has been doing so since 1998! #ROatExpoReal

From idea and concept to investment and financing, realization and marketing as well as operation and use, you will find here potential business partners for the complete real estate life cycle. Participants of EXPO REAL also reflect the complete supply chain: project developers and project managers, investors and financers, property consultants and agents, architects and planners, corporate real estate managers, expansion managers, economic regions and cities.

The top-notch conference program addresses what is moving the industry. More than 140 conferences and panel discussions with 300+ industry experts discuss trends and innovations of the property, investment and financial markets. The world known trade fair is now at his 24th edition, with Romania joining for the first time in 2012.

„AHK Romania has been organizing the Romanian joint booth since 2012.  We have started small, with 3-4 exhibitors joining the booth but with much enthusiasm and the dream to put Romania on the real estate map of the world. It was a long journey with tremendous efforts and a lot of challenges but we managed on the last minute to overcome those and be present. Since then, traditional exhibitors from Romania have been: public authorities and regions (e.g. Cluj, Iasi, Oradea or Suceava) but also the private sector with top representatives like AFI Europe Management, Warehouses de Pauw Romania, Speedwell or REC IMMPULS”, announces Ilinca Pandele, Member of the Executive Board, AHK Romania.


Romania has been in the past 5 years always occupying a place in the top 10 of exhibitors surpassing countries like France, Spain or Italy.

Celebrating 10 years of the Romanian booth at Expo Real Munich

This year Romania will hold Stand A1. 241 in the first hall of the 7 exhibitors halls dedicated to the fair, between 4-6 October. The coexhibitors who have already registered to join the booth are Bucharest Real Estate Club, City of Reșița, City of Galați, Warehouses de Pauw Romania, Regional Development Agency Centru, Speedwell REC IMMPULS, Derom Total, Olympian Parks Management, County Council Suceava, AFI Europe Management, Industrial Parks Maramureș.

Why joining the Romania joint booth is always a good idea:

  • Together we put Romania on the world’s real estate map
  • By acting big you will become an international key player in the international real estate market!
  • You find potential business partners & scale up your business
  • You get inspired by the latest trends and innovations of the property, investment and financial markets
  • You gain unique international experience & international acknowledgement and also get to know better the Romanian co-exhibitors, representing the whole countries and all categories from cities and county councils to important investors in the real estate market, engineering and planning companies etc. The synergies between Romanian co-exhibitors are a factor which should not be ignored.
  • With an intense promotion of the stand done by AHK Romania – increase of visibility within the networking events (e.g. wine tasting, Romania conference, workshops etc), the Romanian joint booth has become over the years the One stop shop for the Romanian real estate market. As such, you as coexhibitor get the chance to be the Ambassador of the Romanian Real estate in your field of activity
  • Also being part of a joint booth, an important advantage is the ease and cost reduction of participation as AHK Romania takes over all the logistics and organization burdens

Reach out if you also want to be a part of the booth: E: Pandele.ilinca@ahkrumaenien.ro  | T: +4021 2079168

An article part of the cover story in TB 111 magazine – “Oradea: Business Next Level & LifeNouveau” available soon online.

Getting information, exchanging ideas and networking are more important today than ever before—and for the real estate industry to do so, EXPO REAL, the international trade fair for real estate and investment from October 4 to 6 in Munich, is the most important platform. This is reflected by the considerably increased number of exhibitors. Also the varied conference program will offer orientation in challenging times.

The fair will include a booth for Transylvania staged by Transylvania Evolution and one for Oradea – BIHOR, powered by ADLO.


EXCLUSIV – România la Expo Real Munchen 2021. Proiecte și investiții pentru 2022.

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